The Glory of Iran -17 Days

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17 Days
Min Age : 16+
Max People : 15

In our 17-Day Iran Tour, the west and southwest to the center cities have been covered. We want to show you the most famous places in these cities in  17 Days.

Ancient Cities

We are going to visit Tehran the capital city of Iran. Hamedan(Ecbatana) one of the political capital of Iran in Medes period, Kermanshah the land of history and myths. Afterward, we head to Khorramabad a city of untouched beautiful nature, Dezful the bridge to the fortress back in the Sassanian era. Then, Shush(Susa) the capital of the first Persian empire and one of the most important cities of the ancient near east, Shushtar with 10,000 years of historical value and Ahvaz with the longest River in Iran.

Our journey will continue to Shiraz the city of literary, culture and gardens, Bishapour the glory of Sassanid dynasty. We will visit Persepolis (Takht-e Jamshid) one of the Achaemenid capitals and Abarkooh. We want to visit Abarkooh’s old cypress tree which the locals believe that it was planted by Zoroaster. Later, we are going to visit Yazd the adobe city and windcatcher. Meybod the city of Ceramic and Mosaic and Naein that is well-known for its rugs and carpets around the world, Isfahan the city of Islamic architecture are still waiting for us.  At the end of this journey, we visit Abyaneh, the red village, that its history backs to the Sassanid era, and Kashan a city with more than 7,500 years of urbanization.

Best Hotels

In this tour, we have selected one of the best luxury hotels in each city. To be specific, the only 3-star hotels are in Dezful, Shushtar, and a 4-star hotel in Yazd, which are the best hotels in the area to stay.

Distinct Catering

In our special luxury “full board tour”, meals are not predefined. You can choose the best food in each restaurant. The restaurants are the bests in quality and environment in every region.

Our full board tour provides free meals of famous and usually traditional restaurants in all cities during our journey. When we are on a long-distance to reach another city, you can help yourself with local fruits and vegetables, juices, tea or coffee or in some cases with midday meals or snacks, which we will buy on the way from local places in each city. We are also going to visit special cafes for resting after a long walk or for enjoying the environment of traditional or luxury cafes in some cities.

We are going to serve:

  • Hamedan special sweets called “Shirmal”,
  • Kermanshah “Nan-Berenji” and “Yukhe”,
  • Khorramabad Saji bread with cheese and Walnut bread,
  • Dezful special cookies, buffalo cream & buffalo ice cream
  • Dates from 6,000 years old trees in Susa,
  • “Zardak(a yellow carrot)” and local dairy from Shushtar,
  • Herbal distillates and “Falude” from Shiraz
  • Yazd special cake from Yazd,
  • “Gaz” from Isfahan
  • Rosewater from Kashan,
  • Sohan from Qom.

Dialogue of Cultures – Inside Persian Homes

We have special programs on some of the nights during our journey. We would be in Shiraz, Yazd, Isfahan, Ahvaz, and Tehran on those special nights. We would try to set up a plan for you to see the hospitality of Shirazi, Yazdi, Isfahani, Ahvazi, and Tehrani families.
In this case, you would be familiar with the features of Iranian night gatherings like foods, desserts, storytellings, seasonal fruits or dry fruits, distillates, customs, cultures, and traditional kinds of music.
Our dinner would be a homemade traditional food of that specific city and you can also join the preparation process of your dinner.
We are the first and only Iranian tour operator that applies “Dialogue of Cultures Programs” with a large quantity and a great quality and all free of charge.
We need to inform you that we have carefully selected the families to make sure you will have a perfect night with knowledgable experts. Your English leader and your English local guide would be there for you too. But, as a matter of facing unexpected problems, we will have dinner in one of the best restaurants in that city.

Travel Insurance

It is very important for foreign travelers to be sure about the quality of insurance service, as insurance shouldn’t be just a formal procedure.

Piranoos distinct insurance service is actually a strong contract between Piranoos and the Iranian best insurance company to get the most satisfying services for travelers with Piranoos.

Furthermore, you as a Piranoos customer can get your arrival airport visa using Piranoos tour voucher + Piranoos insurance paper, these documents make your arrival visa easily.

Piranoos insurance program is included in this tour.

Tour Details

Let us show you different cities of the west and southwest to the center of Iran in only 17 days.  You deserve to experience what’s best during this journey. As a result, we have selected the most famous and high-quality hotels for you.

You also need to taste different kinds of Iranian delicious foods. Hence, we are going to take you to one of the traditional or famous restaurants in each destination. In these best-quality restaurants, you can choose whatever you want on the menu.

We have included all of the meals and coffee shop expenses on the offered price, so you will enjoy the most. You can visit most of the must-see sightseeing with our expert English tour guides and always ask to visit more. If we had enough time, we would take you to those attractions without any extra costs.

Departure & Return Location

Price Includes

  • All Night Stay Accommodations
  • English Tour Guide and English Local Guides
  • All Transfer & Transportation During your Journey
  • All Meals During the Journey
  • Museums and All Attractions Entrance Fees
  • Arrival and Departure Airport Transfers from/to Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKA)
  • Coffee Shops, Snacks, Fruits, Midday Meals
  • Video Clips and Photos During your Journey
  • Travel Insurance

Price Excludes

  • Your International Flights from and to your Home
  • Any Private Expenses

We offer you to bring

  • Sunscreen
  • Extra Clothing
  • Comfortable Walking Shoes
  • Sunglasses
  • Cap, Hat
What to Expect

It is our mission to show you the best of all cities in a friendly environment. You can feel free to ask to visit more base on our great friendship, full of honesty and kindness, and our limited time. That’s why we have listed other visitable places on each day so that you can ask to visit some of mentioned places* and your leader would make a decision base on your tour’s limited-time.
We do our best to make you feel at ease and enjoy catering services. Healthy and delicious foods will be served during your trip, especially on long time distances. The whole journey applies in the exact way we have described, so you can expect to experience and see all we have mentioned.
On this tour, we tried to reserve the most famous and precious luxury hotels, restaurants and coffee shops. Yet, if the group suggests a restaurant/hotel which is better than what we have offered, we try to change the plan to what exactly please you the most.
We apply the changes without any extra cost, because …
” Your Satisfaction has Priority to Our Own Profit”
*Note: The closure of a place is a problem that may happen in some cities unexpectedly for different reasons like unannounced repairing process. In this case or in the case of having extra time we may visit some of the mentioned items in each day.


Day 0Greeting Day

We are going to greet you at IKA airport in Tehran and take you to the Espinas Palace hotel to rest and stay the night. Espinas Hotel, the best hotel in Tehran.. You can get more sleep and get fully charged for upcoming visiting places in the morning.

Day 1Green Palace

We are going to leave the hotel at 09:00 am so we need to have breakfast before leaving time (8-8:45 am).
Sa’dabad Palace is our first destination. Sa’ad Abad complex has different buildings and palaces inside, but two palaces are important to visit. The White palace and the green one. Visiting the whole complex would take almost 3-4 hours. Thus, we plan to visit these two palaces only, but if we got enough time we could manage to visit some of the rest places afterward.
After that, we drive to Tajrish to share the great experience of having fun in Darband area with you. All restaurants in Darband are located in the footer of the mountain and have a nice view. We will have lunch there. The restaurant which we have chosen is Baghe Behesht, or in special cases one of the best restaurants in Tehran. Then, we will return to Tajrish to visit Imamzadeh Saleh Shrine and Tajrish Bazaar
In the afternoon, we drive to Taleghani Park for walking, enjoying nature and having coffee and cake. After resting in a coffee shop with a beautiful view, we will visit Tabiat Bridge and Abo Atash.
For having dinner, we have chosen Daf traditional restaurant which plays live music during catering services (the music depends on the date of implementation). In the case of an unexpected problem, we choose an another best restaurants in Tehran. We will drive to the Hotel afterward to rest and sleep overnight.

*All Musical Restaurants don’t have live music in Islamic funeral days.

In the case of closure of a place, we can visit one of these places:
Niavaran Park
Niavaran Palace
Carpet Museum

Breakfast at: Espinas palace hotel
Lunch at: Baghe Behesht Restaurant
Midday Catering:Coffee with Cake
Dinner at:Daf Restaurant
Overnight at: Espinas Palace Hotel the best hotel in Tehran

Sa’d Abad Palace – Tehran

Day 2The Heart of Traditional Business

We start our tour at 8:30 and we drive to Golestan Palace , which is a UNESCO world heritage site. It has different buildings to feel the Qajar era atmosphere. One of the buildings is called Shamsol Emare (Shams Mansion) which is Tehran’s Ali Qapu. Afterward, we will visit National Museum of Iran.Afterward, we will have lunch in the Ferdowsi hotel or one of the best restaurants in Tehran and then we will visit
Tehran Grand Bazaar. You can see the crowds looking for special things to buy with the best-offered price. Bargaining sounds, Termeh, copper plates are the most obvious features you can see in the first place. Afterward, we will rest in a coffee shop which all the menu is made out of organic fruits and vegetables. You can also taste homemade cakes with different types of beverages. To have a closer look at Iranian culture and the crowds cheering, coffee shops are one of the best places to spend time. We walk through Keshavarz Blv., Valiasr square, and Valiasr street a bit to see the life which is going on and different shops alongside. After having a pleasant dinner time, we drive back to Espinas Palace Hotel to sleep.

In the case of closure of a place, we can visit one of these places:
Glassware and Ceramic Museum of Iran
Reza Abbasi Museum
Azadi Tower

Breakfast at:Espinas Palace hotel
Lunch at:Ferdowsi hotel
Midday Catering at:a nice Cafe
Dinner at: Tehrani House or one of the best restaurants in Tehran
Overnight at: Espinas Palace Hotel the best hotel in Tehran

Golestan Palace – Tehran

Day 3World's Biggest Water Cave

In the morning, we must leave Espinas palace hotel at 8:30. It takes about four hours to reach Hamedan, the capital city of Hamedan province.
At first, we will visit Ali Sadr Cave en route, which is the world’s biggest water cave, that thousand of tourists come to visit it each year. After that we will drive to visit Ganjnameh Inscription. You will have lunch at Ganjnameh Restaurant or one of the best restaurant in Hamedan .
Then, we will visit the Achaemenes inscription and waterfall and we can take photos. We will drive to the hotel but on the way, we must visit The Mausoleum Avicenna . Avicenna is well known around the world and his nickname is the father of Medicine.
We will continue our tour and visit The Mausoleum of Baba Taher , one of Iranian poet, and then Tomb of Aster and Mordechai .
For having dinner, we will go to Na’l Eshkeneh or one of the best restaurant in Hamedan . For resting, after dinner, we will go to the hotel.

In the case of closure of a place, we can visit one of these places:
Alaviyan Tombe
Hegmataneh Hills
Hegmataneh Meuseum
Hamam-e Qal’eh Museum of Anthropology
Lion Stone

Breakfast at:Espinas Palace Hotel
Lunch at:Ganjnameh Restaurant
Midday Catering:Special cookies of Hamedan such as: Shirmal and Komaj with Tea or Coffee
Dinner at:Na’l Eshkeneh restaurant
Overnight at:Baba Taher Hotel, the best hotel in Hamedan

The Mausoleum of Avicenna – Hamedan

Day 4Facing Hercules

Today, after having breakfast and check-out, we head to Kermanshah so we can visit Bisotun Historical and Cultural Complex , which is a World Heritage Site, in the daylight.
Then, we go toward the city of Kermanshah to visit Tagh-e Bostan. After that, we will have lunch at Heidari Restaurant (Dande Kebab) or one of the best restaurant in Kermanshah. Then, We are going to visit Tekyeh Moaven al-Molk, and Shafi’i Jameh Mosque. Afterward, Sarab-e-Niloofar is on the way to our hotel, so we can see it on the way of reaching the hotel.
We will have dinner at Shah Abbasi Caravanserai (also named as Laleh hotel) and sleep overnight.

In the case of closure of a place, we can visit one of these places:
Tekiyeh Biglar Beigi and Zagros Museum
Quri Qaleh Cave

Breakfast at:Baba Taher Hotel
Lunch at:Heidari Restaurant
Midday Catering:Naan Berenji/ Yukhe/Konjed Asali +tea
Dinner and Overnight at:Shah Abbasi Caravanserai (also named as Laleh hotel),the best hotel in Kermanshah

Hercules -Kermanshah

Day 5Sassanid Castle

Today, we are going to leave the hotel at 8:30 to head to Khorramabad . It lasts 3 hours to get there, so we can visit Falak-ol Aflak Citadel which belongs to Sassanid empire and located on the top of the hills. Then, we will have lunch at Hami Restaurant or one of the best restaurants in Khoramabad. After that, we can visit Gerdab-e Sangi. Otherwise, we can have our midday meal on the roof of Khorramabad. Then, we need to leave Khorramabad to Dezful . The estimated time to reach Dezful is about 3 hours, thus we can have dinner in a traditional restaurant in Dezful which is called Shovadoon Restaurant or one of the best restaurant in Dezful. Although our hotel is a 3-star one, it is actually the best place to rest and overnight stay in the area.

In the case of closure of a place, we can visit one of these places:
Kiuo Lake
Nozhian Waterfall
Gerit Waterfall

Breakfast at:Shah Abbasi Caravanserai (also named as Laleh hotel)
Lunch at:Hami Restaurant
Midday Catering:Saji bread with cheese and tea
Dinner at:Shavadoon
Overnight at:Jahangardi Hotel, the best hotel in Dezful

Falak-ol-Aflak Citadel – Khorramabad

Day 6Back to 3700 Years Ago

We start visiting some places in Dezful then we head to Susa and Shushtar .
Dezful Traditional Bazaar backs to many years ago that’s why people call it The Old Bazaar. In front of the old bazaar, there are lots of shops in which you can taste local junk foods and sweets such as Buffalo ice cream, a mix of Halva Ardeh with Dates, and special cookies . These junk foods are part of the attraction of Dezful. Then, we will continue our tour and will visit Tiznoo house . For having lunch, we will stop at Delnavazan Restaurant or one of the best restaurant in Dezful. After lunch, we will visit Dez River then we have to leave Dezful to Susa. It takes only one hour to get there. We need to see the fantastic Susa Castle, Susa Museum, Apadana Palace . In the evening, you can help yourself with the midday meal. Then, we drive to Choghazanbil Ziggurat which the history behind is beyond the imagination and you must see it yourself. In the evening, we will continue our trip to Shushtar, on the way we can see and take photos from Buffalo. It takes only one hour to see our indescribable city. We need to have dinner in the Mostofi Restaurant or one of the best restaurant in Shushtar. Then, it is time to check-in the hotel and rest at Tabib-e-Shushtar Hotel .

In the case of closure of a place, we can visit one of these places:
The Tomb of Sultan Ali Siah Poosh in Dezful
Tomb of Daniel in Susa
Haft Tappeh(Seven Hills) in Shushtar

Breakfast at:Jahangardi Hotel
Lunch at:Delnavazan Restaurant
Midday Catering:Tea and Cookies
Dinner at:Mostofi Restaurant
Overnight at: Tabib-e-Shushtar Hotel, the best hotel in Shushtar

Susa Castle

Day 7Karoon River

Meanwhile having breakfast at Tabib-e-Shushtar hotel, you can enjoy the architecture of the hotel in the morning. At the beginning of the day, we visit Shushtar Historical Hydro Structure Base and Waterfall . We drive to Mostofi Restaurant and Museum to have lunch and visit its museum or one of the best restaurant in Shushtar. In Shushtar, we must visit Jameh Mosque because it is said that this mosque is the second-oldest mosque in Iran after the one which is in Yazd. It backs to approximately 1200 years ago. After that, we can enjoy resting in Moghadam Traditional Cafe . After finishing our tour in Shushtar, we will drive to Ahwaz and we will visit Karoon River which is the biggest river in Iran. The famous bridge which is the sign of Ahwaz also passes upon this river. We will also visit Ahvaz Grand Bazaar and taste Felafel sandwiches that are one of the traditional foods in Ahwaz. You can walk and take photos near the Karoon River and relax. Then, we are going to have our delicious traditional dinner before night sleep in hotel.

In the case of closure of a place, we can visit one of these places:
Shushtar Bazaar
Salasel Castle
Marashi Historical House

Breakfast at:Tabib-e-Shushtar Hotel (you can taste special dairies of the region)
Lunch at:Mostofi Restaurant
Midday Catering:Buffalo Ice-cream
Dinner at:Ahvazi House or one of the best restaurant in Ahvaz
Overnight at:Pars Hotel, the best hotel in Ahvaz

Shushtar Hydro Structure Base and Waterfalls – Shushtar

Day 8Anahita Temple

After having breakfast at the hotel, we will drive to Shiraz. We must spend hours to pass long distances. So, we will have a stop in Bishapour to rest and have lunch. Today our lunch is different. We will have a picnic to enjoy our food in nature. Afterward, we will visit the glory of Sassanid dynasties such as Amazing Reliefs and Anahita Temple. Then, we will continue our overland journey to Shiraz and will enjoy beautiful landscapes on the way. Reaching Shiraz, we should check-in and get ready in the lobby for having dinner at Haft Khan Restaurant or one of the best restaurants in Shiraz . At the end, we will back to Zandiyeh Hotel to sleep overnight.

Bishapour Museum
Shapoor Cave

Breakfast at:Pars Hotel in Ahvaz
Dinner at:Haft Khan Restaurant
Overnight at: Zandiyeh Hotel ,one of the best hotels in Shiraz

Day 9The City of Colors

On our Shiraz tour, we choose the most beautiful and high-rated attractions to visit. In the morning around 8:00 o’clock you should be in Nasir-Al Molk Mosque and visit the combination of color and sunshine art in the mosque then we will visits Vakil Complex which contains Vakil Mosque, Vakil Bazaar, Vakil Bathhouse and Karimkhan Citadle. After visiting these places you need to rest a bit, so we can have a lunch in Shater Abbas Restaurant or one of the best restaurants in Shiraz . Then, we visit Eram Garden and walk around a Botanical garden and take photo then will visit Hafeziyeh Tomb. We plan to have Falude-Shirazi in one of the best places to try in the evening. Then, for dinner, we head to Shirazi house or one of the best restaurants in Shiraz . At the end of the day, we rest at Zandiyeh Hotel .

In the case of closure of a place, we can visit one of these places:
Narenjestan Qavam
Zinat Al -Molk(Iranian Madame Tussaud)
Delgosha Garden
Pars museum

Breakfast at:Zandiyeh Hotel
Lunch at: Shater Abbas Restaurant
Midday Catering:Falude-Shirazi
Dinner at:Shirazi House or one of the best restaurants in Shiraz
Overnight at: Zandiyeh Hotel , one of the best hotels in Shiraz

Hafeziyeh – Shiraz

Day 10Achaemenes

These upcoming destinations have the most famous sightseeing in the world and are named as World Heritage Sites. for visiting these places, we will drive to Marvdasht and will visit the glory of Achaemenes. In Persepolis Complex (Takht-e Jamshid) we will visit eight Palaces, two Tombs, a Museum and a Treasury. Here is a great place for founding the Achaemenes architecture and their beliefs. There are many rock reliefs that had registered their customs and history. After a long walk (around 4 hours). We will have lunch in a restaurant near the Persepolis that Called Apadana or one of the best restaurants in Shiraz and then we will visit Necropolis( Naghsh-e Rostam) afterward. You will be surprised to see three different empires at the same time in one place. Necropolis includes Elamite relief, four tomb of Achaemenes and 5 reliefs for the glory of Sassanid. After walking in the history of Iran. We will back to Shiraz for visiting Quran Gate and Tomb of Sa’adi which is dedicated to the Persian poet Saadi. Then, we will move to Haft Khan Restaurant or one of the best restaurants in Shiraz to taste Pizza in Iran.

In the case of closure of a place, we can visit one of these places:
Naghsh-e Rajab

Breakfast at:Zandiyeh Hotel
Lunch at:Apadana Hotel
Midday Catering:Seasonal Fruits
Dinner at:Haft khan Restaurant
Overnight at: Zandiyeh Hotel , one of the best hotels in Shiraz


Day 114000-year-old Cypress Tree

To continue our overland journey, we head to Abarkooh from Shiraz. After 4 hours, We need to visit Cypress Tree which has more than 4000 years old. Local people believe that this tree was planted by Zoroaster, the prophet of Zoroastrians. The next place for visiting is Solat Historical House . We will have lunch at Aghazadeh House . We can see the only 2-floored wind catcher in the world and the most famous house in Iran which the picture of it has been used on Iranian 20,000 Rial. It is great to take a picture right above the roof, just like the way it is on Iranian 20,000 Rial. Then, we will continue our tour to visit Abarkouh Ice House . Later on the day, we will drive to Yazd and en route, we will visit Tower of Silence which belongs to Zoroastrian. The Zoroastrians used to put the body of the corpse on top of the mountain for 3 days till the birds eat all meat of the body then buried the body in the ground. They believe we shouldn’t make earth dirty. Afterward, we drive to Khaneh Pedari Restaurant or one of the best restaurants in Yazd to have dinner. After that, we rest at Hotel Dad .

In the case of closure of a place, we can visit one of these places:
Gonbad-e Ali
Abarkooh Jameh Mosque

Breakfast at:Zandiyeh Hotel
Lunch at:Aghazadeh house
Midday Catering:Baqlava with Tea
Dinner at:Khaneh Pedari
Overnight at: Hotel Dad , one of the best hotels in Yazd

Aghazadeh House – Abarkooh

Day 12The City of Windcatchers

After having breakfast, we experience a great city tour in Yazd. It would be nice that you know that Yazd is located in the center of Iran and also in Dasht-e Kavir desert. Because of that, the weather is hot and dry, but at this time of the year, the weather won’t bother us.
We will start with Dolat Abad Garden which has the tallest windcatcher in Iran. You will be amazed by the water supply with channels in this great garden from out of the city. After that, we will go to the Jameh Mosque. It is the oldest mosque in Iran and some archeologists believe that it returns to pre-Islamic Iran when people used to pray in the fire temple. After visiting this special mosque, we will have an ancient part of Yazd which is registered as UNESCO Heritage Culture. I am sure you never get tired when you walk through the narrow adobe ally and houses in Fahadan area. In our opinion, you would enjoy the great experience of sitting in a roof garden coffee shop in this area with the view of windcatchers and adobe houses. After these joyful moments, we will visit Lariha House and Art Houses to enjoy the beauty of architecture and arts. Then, we will continue our way to reach Alexandr’s Prison. The upcoming destination is Talar Restaurant for having lunch or one of the best restaurants in Yazd . After lunch, we will visit Amir Chakhmaq Complex , which includes Mosque, Water Storage, Nakhl (symbol of mourning in Moharram and the famous gate with two minarets. This place is the best place for buying Termeh (traditional silky fabric with a special design (Boteh Jegheh)) and delicious sweets of Yazd. Then, we visit Yazd Fire Temple and Markar Square . The Special feature of this square is that you will be exactly in the center of Iran. For dinner, we will go to Yazdi house or one of the best restaurants in Yazd . After that, we will back to the hotel and rest.

In the case of closure of a place, we can visit one of these places:
Pahlevan Poor Garden
Yazd Water Meuseum

Breakfast at:Dad Hotel
Lunch at:Talar restaurant
Midday Catering:Special Baqlava with Tea
Dinner at:Yazdi House or one of the best restaurants in Yazd
Overnight at: Hotel Dad , one of the best hotels in Yazd

Dad Hotel-Yazd

Day 13Pigeon House

In the morning, we will leave Yazd to Chak Chak and Kharanaq. After visiting these places, we will continue our journey to Meybod. Meybod is an ancient city in Yazd province. Here the first destination is a restaurant to have lunch. We have chosen old caravansary to rest and have lunch or one of the best restaurants in Meybod . It includes a restaurant, shops, Water storage. Afterward, we will see another amazing place named Narin Castle, Ice House, and Pigeon House. Afterward, we will back to Yazd, and we will have tea and a special cupcake from Yazd. Later on the day, you will rest up to dinner time. For dinner, we will go to Sezar Restaurant or one of the best restaurants in Yazd .

In the case of closure of a place, we can visit one of these places:
Zoroastrian village (Mazraeh Kalantar)

Breakfast at:Dad Hotel
Lunch at:Old Carvanserai
Midday Catering:Cake-e-Yazdi
Dinner and Overnight at: Hotel Dad , one of the best hotels in Yazd


Day 14The City of Safavid Era

Today, in the early morning, we will leave Yazd to reach Isfahan , but en route, we will visit another city. We want to visit Naein which belongs to the Parthian empire. We will walk around the castle and visit water storage which still works. We can see the fabric workshop which is special in Naein. Then, we are going to the Naein Jameh Mosque and Pirnia House. Naein’s carpet is famous all over Iran. You may also see the lifestyle of Naein’s people in this house. We should continue our way and reach the next city.
In Isfahan, our first destination is a traditional restaurant to have lunch. According to our plan, we will visit Naghsh-e Jahan Square , which we can see magnificent architectures, colorful and large mosques of the Safavid era. Heading to this square bring us the opportunity to see Imam Mosque , Sheikh Lotf Allah Mosque , Ali Qapu Palace . In front of the mosque is a beautiful forecourt which is connected to the bazaar. Since the bazaar has surrounded the square, we can visit it as well. We will have 2 hours for shopping in Naghsh-e- Jahan Square. After Shopping we are going to rest about an hour and a half in Hamdam-o-Saltaneh Traditional House Café. Then, we will visit Siosepol Bridge and Khajoo Bridge after taking photo and walk beside Zayandeh rood River we will have dinner at an Isfahani house or one of the best restaurant in Isfahan. At the end of the night, we stay in our beautiful traditional hotel.

In the case of closure of a place, we can visit one of these places:
Fatemi House in Naein
Hasht Behesht Palace
Isfahan Jameh Mosque

Breakfast at:Dad hotel
Lunch at:Bagh-e Homayoun restaurant or one of the best restaurant in Isfahan
Midday Catering:Hamdam-o-saltaneh Traditional House Cafe
Dinner at:Isfahani House or one of the best restaurants in Isfahan
Overnight at:Abbasi Hotel, the best hotel in Isfahan

Naghsh-e Jahan Square

Day 15Shah Abbas

In the morning, we are going to start our tour with Chehel Sotoon Palace . After that, we will visit Vank Cathedral which belongs to Armenians. In Shah Abbas period, when Osmania Attacked Armenia, Shah Abbas let them move to Iran and live in Isfahan. You will be surprised at the Music Museum, after 5 minutes of walking. In this museum, you will visit all Iranian musical instruments. The special local guide in the museum will explain all the history and details of the instruments. Then, the owner of the museum and his group will invite you to a live performance. After the incredible tour in Music Museum, for having lunch, we will go to Arka restaurant which, In the past, was an Armenian House and now, it converts to a restaurant and coffee shop or one of the best restaurant in Isfahan. Another surprise in Isfahan is Flower Garden. It is an unbelievable beautiful garden. You will find different types of flowers and trees. Great lake is in the middle of this garden. I am sure you will enjoy it a lot. For having dinner, we will go to Toranj Restaurant (Hovanes Restaurant) or one of the best restaurant in Isfahan.

In the case of closure of a place, we can visit one of these places:
Menar Jonban

Breakfast at:Abbasi Hotel
Lunch at:Arka restaurant
Midday Catering:Tea or coffee with traditional sweet of Isfahan (Gaz)
Dinner at:Toranj Restaurant
Overnight at::Abbasi Hotel, the best hotel in Isfahan

Day 16Soltan Ahmad

We continue our overland journey to Kashan . It takes almost 2 hours and a half. But en route, we will visit Abyaneh village. Abyaneh is one of the old villages that its history backs to Sassanid empire. In this village, people speak in an old Persian language named Pahlavi. They have special clothes and customs. You will visit special village which all the houses have made with red adobe and all the allies have covered by stone. We will continue to Kashan and when we reach there, we will go to the restaurant for having lunch at Melal Restaurant or one of the best restaurants in Kashan. Then, we will visit Fin Garden (Bagh-e Fin) and Hamam-e Fin rosewater tools before any other place. Broujerdi’s House is one of the great houses in Kashan which has a love story with amazing windcatcher and stucco design. Near Boroujerdi’s house is Sultan Ahmad Bathhouse with beautiful design. Bath in the past was not just for showering. In the Bath they had met, praying and haircut. We will have dinner at nice traditional restaurant which called Manouchehri Restaurant or one of the best restaurants in Kashan

In the case of closure of a place, we can visit one of these places:
Abbasi’s House
Timcheh Amin-o-Doleh
Kashan Bazaar
Agha Bozorg Mosque

Breakfast at:Abbasi Hotel
Lunch at: Melal Restaurant
Midday Catering:Special distillates made from mint, rose, and etc
Dinner at:Manouchehri Restaurant
Overnight at: Morshedi Hotel, one of the best hotels in Kashan,

Fin Garden – Kashan

Day 17An Experience to Remember

We are going to have breakfast and start visiting a carpet workshop. We are going to inform you about the process of carpet-weaving, you may see the weavers from a closer look, and you can try weaving for yourself.
In the case of facing an unexpected problem in the carpet workshop, we will plan to visit Noushabad , the underground city that has been found recently, instead.
Later on the day, we drive back to Tehran . On the way, we stop at Mehr o Mah Tourist Complex to rest and have lunch.
Then it is time to have fun and attend an Iranian gathering before your departure. We are going to make Iranian natural tea on the fire and prepare our dinner together. We are going to experience gathering around a fire while singing Iranian songs. After puffing candles and having cake, at 09:00 take you to the Espinas Palace hotel to rest and stay the night. Espinas Palace Hotel is one of the best five-star hotels in Iran.

Breakfast at:Morshedi Hotel
Lunch at: Mehr-o Mah Tourist Complex
Midday Catering:special sweets from Qom
Dinner at:homemade dinner in the garden
Overnight at: Espinas Palace Hotel,the best hotel in Tehran