The city of Tabriz is the capital of East Azerbaijan Province. This city is known as the largest economic hub of the Azerbaijan region of Iran and the administrative, communication, commercial, political, industrial, cultural and military center of the region. Tabriz was known as the fifth largest city of the world in the Safavid era and was also the largest, most important, and most modern city in Iran in the Qajar era.

Tabriz is one of the largest cities in Iran and is located in Ajay Valley. In the old days, the city of Tabriz was known worldwide for its crafts. Today, Tabriz is an industrial and semi-agricultural city, which is a transit city for Turkey and Europe. Among the city’s exports are industrial and agricultural machinery, nuts, flour, cereals, fabrics, and leather. Due to the large factories and workshops, Tabriz city is one of the most important industrial hubs in the country. The marvelous and beautiful handmade carpets of Tabriz are also famous worldwide.

Tabriz is the city of “the firsts” because many modern and new things have happened in the country for the first time in this city, including the construction of the first school for the deaf and mute, the first library, the first cinema, the first fire tower and many more. There is also an old large Bazaar established in the city that is unique in terms of area and size in the world, and its name has been registered by UNESCO. Tabriz University is also one of the oldest universities in the country.

The tourist attractions of Tabriz:

Tabriz which is an over 3500 years old city has so many natural and historical attractions.

The most important and outstanding sights and tourist attractions of Tabriz include El Goli (or Shah Goli), Arg-e Alishah, Constitutional House (Khaneh Mashrouteh), Maqbarat-o-shoara (the Mausoleum of Poets), Master Shahriar Museum, Telecabins, and Aoun Ibn Ali Resort, Arasbaran Forest of Tabriz, Qajar Museum, Sa’at Tower (Tabriz Municipality Palace, the monastery of St. Stephanus of Tabriz, the historical school of Roshdieh), the historic cemetery of Pine – Shalvar of Tabriz, the St. Mary’s Church of Tabriz, the Behnam House, the House of Ali Musyo, the Miniature Park, the Ghoom Tappeh Desert and the Village of Kandovan.

The historical houses of Tabriz:

Tabriz is full of historic and ancient houses, each with so many wonderful tales. Among these spectacular houses, we can name the historical house of Behnam, the Constitutional House, Parvin Etesami’s House, and the Mirza Ali-Aqa Tabrizi or Seqat-ol-Eslam Tabrizi’s House of Thaqi al-Islam.

The Museums of Tabriz:

The city of Tabriz can be called the city of museums. The Qajar Museum or the Amīr Neẓām Garrūsī Museum is built on two floors, with stunning architecture and eye-catching columns with artistic stone cravings. The Qajar Museum consists of numerous halls such as Coin Hall, Metal Hall, Music Hall, Khatam Hall, Army Hall, Architecture and Urban Development Hall and…

Up to 1200 old and antique objects are kept in the Museum of Azerbaijan. Some of them, of course, are on display. The museum has three rooms with various sizes along with a library and is considered one of the largest museums in the country.


The Historical mosques of Tabriz:

It is impossible to enter the city of Tabriz and not hear about the famous and ancient mosques. One of the oldest mosques is the Jame Kabir Mosque, which is surrounded by the great Bazaar of Tabriz. As you enter this mosque, the beautiful minarets (Gol-dasteh) and amazing tiling will catch your eye. The Jame Mosque of Tabriz is one of the perfect examples of the original Iranian mosques.

The blue mosque f Tabriz is also one of the most prominent masterpieces of Islamic architecture and dates back to the ninth century AH. The beauty and harmony of the colors, especially the azure color of the mosaic tiles, have made it famous as the Turquoise of the Islamic world.

The Natural attractions of Tabriz:

One of the most beautiful natural attractions in northwestern Iran is Tabriz Ghoom Tappeh Desert which stands out of the lush nature of the area.

Arasbaran forest in the beautiful city of Tabriz can be considered as a piece of paradise. The beautiful forest of Arasbaran is a masterpiece of nature that has attracted many domestic and foreign tourists with its immense beauty and magic.

Tabriz Local foods:

Koofteh Tabrizi (a special kind of meatball) is one of the city’s most delicious and delectable dishes of Tabriz. Along with the popular Koofteh Tabrizi, we can name other delicious local cuisines of this city such as Tomato Ash, Yogurt Ash, Dandani Ash, Dizi, Dolma, Carrot stew and Green bean Koukou. Kebab Bonab is also one of the most delicious dishes in Tabriz which is served in most restaurants of Tabriz and other Iranian cities.

Tabriz Souvenirs: 

Leather goods such as leather bags and shoes are one of the souvenirs of Tabriz. Tabriz Carpets and rugs are also good choices for souvenirs. Tabriz pastries are also known as one of the city’s most delicious delicacies that most travelers buy as souvenirs before returning home. Some of the famous pastries of Tabriz include Nougat, Baklava, Eris, Gharabiyeh. Pistachio and walnuts Halva can also be considered as delicious and popular souvenirs.

Tabriz Shopping centers:

Apart from the old Tabriz Bazaar, there is a shopping center called Laleh Park in which you can see 120 shops, where you can buy home-made products and home appliances, including clothing and other crafts. Other shopping centers in Tabriz include a shopping center called Javaher of Tabriz with sixty stores. There is also a restaurant and an indoor amusement park. Pardis Shopping Complex is also another proper option.

Tabriz Hotels:

Laleh Park Hotel along with Laleh Kandovan Rocky Hotel are two of the best hotels in Tabriz. Pars Il Goli, Shahriar Hotel, Azadi Hotel, Caspian Hotel, and Gostaresh Hotel can also be mentioned among the best hotels of Tabriz. Travelers can also stay at other hotels in the city, including the Tabriz International Hotel and Petrochemical Hotel.

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