Haj Mahmoud Biryani

Haj Mahmoud Biryani is one of the best and oldest Biryani restaurants in Isfahan. The most delicious Biryani is served with the highest quality. It is located near Isfahan Jame Mosque Market in Imam Ali square. In the front porch of the restaurant, the name “Biryani Haj Mahmoud Shafat” with a verse from Iranian poet Hafiz is displayed on a beautiful signboard.

Isfahan Biryani (also called Beryan) is one of Iran’s famous meals, whose fame has spread to other countries and among Iranians. This dish belongs to the city of Isfahan and is considered to be the most famous traditional food of Isfahan. Its history goes back to the Qajar era, just 180 years before Reza Shah came to power.





Bam-e Jolfa restaurant

Bam-e Jolfa is one of the traditional café- restaurants in Isfahan, located in Shekarchian historical mansion in Chahar-soughha alley in Hakim Nezami Avenue. Jolfa is one of the oldest places in Isfahan with a history of several hundred years. The warm and cozy atmosphere of this restaurant combined with the beautiful Iranian traditional architecture has made this place one of the most popular traditional restaurants in Isfahan. In addition to the indoor lounge, there is a beautiful terrace decorated with flower pots that allow customers to sit outside and enjoy the beautiful view of Sang-tarashha alley. Alongside the quiet and elegant environment combined with traditional architecture, this restaurant offers a variety of Iranian and foreign cuisine at the best quality. Its Pepperoni pizza is highly recommended

Jarchibashi Restaurant

Malek Soltan Jarchi Bashi restaurant is located in an old traditional Isfahan Hammam (traditional iranian bath house) in Bagh-e ghalandarha Alley in Sepah Avenue. It’s really worth visiting this restaurant while traveling to Isfahan and enjoying its delicious food alongside with a pleasant atmosphere with beautiful Iranian architecture. Construction of this beautiful old Hammam goes back about 450 years. Renovation and redecoration of it began in 2003 and by changing its use, it has now become a traditional restaurant with a pleasant atmosphere welcoming Iranian and foreign guests. This museum-restaurant now has a capacity to accommodate 250 to 300 people at a time. At Jarchi Bashi Restaurant, guests can enjoy live music in addition to the most delicious Iranian foods. Roast chicken ( Joojeh kebab) ,  Jarchi bashi’s special Chicken Fillet and kubideh kebab are highly recommended.



Shahrzad restaurant

Shahrzad  is one of the old and luxurious restaurants in Isfahan with beautiful paintings and eye-catching mirrors that are worthy of the ancient city of Isfahan. The bustle of this restaurant reflects the quality and taste of its food. The restaurant serves a variety of Iranian and foreign dishes and you can enjoy live music alongside your meal. There is also a salad bar and separate lounge for your celebrations and ceremonies. Vegetarian meals are also available. Shahrzad is famouse for its delicious Tahchin and khoresht mast.

Shahrzad Restaurant was founded in April of 1967 by the efforts of the late Abdul Rahim Foroustan. Shahrzad is not only a restaurant but also an exhibition of Iranian art and it is known as a symbol of ancient culture of Iran and Isfahan.

Shandiz restaurant

A beautiful and amazing restaurant over the Sofe Mountain. In this restaurant you can enjoy the view of the whole city of Isfahan while enjoying fresh air. The spectacular view of the city over the Sofe Mountain (that makes it privileged from other restaurants in the city) is a gift that the Shandiz Luxury Restaurant offers to its guests, alongside with salad bars and various traditional and modern dishes, different types of Kebabs, seafood, hot and cold drinks and cakes. Its menu includes 49 ready-to-eat dishes. Shishlik (a kind of kebab) and kebab Barg are among the best dishes in the restaurant that are highly recommended.

 Shandiz restaurant (formerly called Zagros restaurant) can accommodate up to 80 guests. In addition to lunch and dinner, this restaurant also serves breakfast and evening meals. This means it is ready to serve guests at any time.


Arka Restaurant

The Arc- a Restaurant -Café is located in the Jolfa neighborhood of Isfahan, near the beautiful Vank Cathedral. This restaurant not only has a varied and tempting menu but also has a very beautiful setting (especially the delightful and charming outer space), offering its guests the pleasure of eating and relaxing. In addition to the beautiful courtyard, there are also rooms and private spaces with stunning traditional Iranian architecture that can be used for friendly parties and formal dinners. Arc-a Café also offers a variety of traditional herbal teas and all kinds if hot and cold drinks alongside with delicious cakes and snacks. Baghali polo, Lamb Kebab and steak are among the best dishes in the restaurant that are highly recommended.


Hamdam-o-saltaneh Traditional House Café

Hamdam-o-saltaneh House is located right near the Naqsh-e Jahan Square at Hafez street so that you can enjoy Iranian and foreign food in this traditional restaurant after visiting the unique and stunning monuments of Naqsh-e Jahan Square. This traditional restaurant is actually a remodeled house from the Qajar era. The menu includes Iranian traditional dishes such as Isfahan Biryani, Dizy and Kebab. Vegetarian recipes are also available. Kubide kebab, Dizy and Kalam polo with grilled chicken are among the restaurant’s popular dishes. Kalam polo was served in a new way inside a ceramic dish with baked bread on top of it. The unique and traditional architecture of this house with mirrored rooms and colorful glasses, alongside with delicious food and professional staff has made this place one of the best traditional cafes-restaurants in Isfahan.

 Toranj restaurant 

 Toranj restaurant which is located in the historical building of Hovan Shirazi was built during the Qajar era (early in the reign of Nasser al-Din Shah). This place has a beautiful and pleasant atmosphere that reflects the authentic Iranian culture and includes four sections: restaurant, sharbat khaneh (a traditional Iranian cafe for drinks), a beautifully decorated Qajar-style photographer’s studio and coffee shop. The beautiful atmosphere, traditional Iranian architecture and the professional service of its staff, alongside with the excellent quality of food, have created a unique collection. The restaurant serves a variety of traditional and foreign dishes and there are different kinds of traditional herbal teas. The coffee shop menu includes all kinds of hot and cold drinks and snacks. Special steak and chicken straganoff are two of most popular dishes at this restaurant. That you can enjoy alongside live music.



Homayoun restaurant

The Homayoun Garden Restaurant -Cafe is one of the many options for eating and drinking around Naqsh-e Jahan Square and Chehel Sotoun Palace. This traditional café- restaurant is actually an old house from the Qajar era. The Homayoun restaurant is set in beautiful and cozy surroundings (a typical old Iranian house with traditional architecture) with live music, and a variety of traditional Iranian dishes and foreign cuisines. Saffron Kubide kebab, Chicken Kebab and Zereshk-polo with chicken are among the most popular Iranian foods. This place also has a traditional tea house with a variety of hot and cold drinks. This garden-restaurant, alongside with traditional architecture, and elegant decoration, is a great place for all kinds of celebrations such as weddings and birthdays.