About the Holding company

Piranoos is, in fact, the tour administrative unit of Arnica Mehr Tourism Company.

Arnica Mehr is the largest and the most reliable touring company in Iran (According to the tourist attraction yearly statistics of Iran’s Cultural Heritage and Tourism, not even one traveler’s complaint has been placed during the 15-year activities of this company).

Arnica Mehr is the primary source of travel tours, hotels and vehicle reservation for most of the Iranian and foreign travel agencies. These are not just a few simple words or slogan. Iran’s hotels have presented many awards and appreciation plates during the 15 years of Arnica Mehr’s activities which reveals the quality of our performance.

There are over 200 travel agencies advertising tours which are mind troubling and makes it hard to make a decision, it will be worth it to make a couple of calls to well-known Iranian hotels to ask about our reputation and make your decision when the above claims are confirmed.


About Piranoos

In brief, Piranoos consists of a director’s team with 20 years of always successful history in tourism and a young executive team.  The majority of both teams of directors and executives are of Eco-tourists and Eco-athletes. 

The activities cover biking, paragliding, kite surfing, endure motor biking, mountain climbing, caving, desert safari, diving, fishing, hiking, ski and hunting (with the goal of preserving endangered species). 
This is why our tours seem slightly more exciting and more attractive than ordinary tours.
We design tours for the ones who are bored of regular and dull tours and are looking for new dimensions of travel, excitement and danger. If you feel brave and curious enough to spend one or two nights in the desert or experience living with tribes and nomads take our classic tours or if you enjoy waterfall diving or paragliding take our adventurous tour and join us in Iran exciting travels.

The tours are specially designed so that we will enjoy them ourselves and the pleasure will double when you join us. Also, you will find unique facilities at Piranoos that maybe you have not encountered before anywhere around the world. For example, you can rent a cheap car or a luxury car or an off-road vehicle (as a unique facility of Piranoos) and freely go sighting in Iran. We will just provide you a map of suitable routes and pre-book hotels and accommodation homes in your path. It is even possible to book hotels as you travel on daily bases due to changes in your scheduling or your path. This is only possible by the utilization of the exclusive power of our company in all of Iran’s hotels.

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