Ardabil or Ardebil is the center of Ardebil province which is located in the Azerbaijani region of Iran. The word Ardabil is an ancient Iranian word originating from the Avesta, which is composed of the words “Arta” (meaning sacred in Persian) and “Wil (bil)” meaning city. Ardabil is cold in winter and temperate in summer. It is one of the coldest cities in Iran. This city is one of the moat favorable places in the country in spring and summer and usually attracts many tourists all year long.

Ardabil is an industrial-agricultural, tourist and transit city. This amazing city is famous for its ancient monuments, pure air and mineral water in addition to being a commercial hub.

Handicrafts such as pottery, carpet weaving, jajim weaving and gholab- bafy (a kind of embroidery) have also become popular in Ardabil. The tomb of Sheikh Safieddin Ardabili, located at the heart of Ardabil’s historical context, has been listed in UNESCO’s World Heritage List in the year 2012 and has gained worldwide fame. Another unique feature of the city is the very short distance to the sights and attractions of nature including forests, springs, pastures, hot springs and the Caspian Sea.

Sheikh Safiuddin Ardebili Monument and Tomb Collection

Sheikh Safi al-Din was the leader of the Safavid Tariqat and the spiritual founder of the Safavid dynasty. Listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, the collection includes a Chini-Khaneh (chines house: Safavid chines dishes were used to be kept here), the Janat-Sara Mosque, a Khanqah (a building designed specifically for gatherings of a Sufi brotherhood or tariqa), a Cheleh-Khaneh, a Shahid- Khaneh and a Cheragh- Khaneh.

Ardebil Historical Bazaar:

Located right in the center of Ardebil, this market is divided into two parts about half a century ago. It was founded in the Seljuk period in the sixth century and was very popular and prosperous during the Safavid era. Ardebil Historical Bazaar is a collection of Rasteh, Timcheh and Caravan Serra (inn). Ardebil Grand Mosque and Jame Mosque are located in Ardebil Historical Bazaar complex.

The Bridge of Haft Cheshmeh (seven springs) or the Dash Kasen:

This bridge is located in the middle of Ardebil city on the Baliqlu Chay River. This historical brick bridge is named because of the seven vaulted arches in its architecture. Most of the materials used in its construction are plaster and lime. The bridge of Haft Cheshmeh dates back to the Safavid era, which was repaired in the year 1374 AH.

Ardebil Jomeh Mosque: one of the oldest mosques in Iran!

Ardebil, a spectacular and beautiful province known for its hot springs and dreamy landscapes, also has many historical attractions, including the Jomeh Mosque in Ardabil, one of the oldest mosques in Iran dating back to the Seljuk era. An exhibition of well Iranian-Islamic architecture. The former building of the mosque consisted of a magnificent yard, (Ivan) courtyard, and vault, which was destroyed during the Mongol invasion in 620 AH, but was rebuilt about 30 years later. Today, even though the main building of the mosque has been destroyed and only parts of it have remained, it still has an interesting and stunning architecture.


Heyran Gorge is located on the border of Ardebil Province and Guilan Province and is part of the old Hirqani forests in Iran. This road through the middle of the jungle, besides the natural beauty, also has many tourist facilities. Tourists can also enjoy the tastes of local food of Heyran Gorge, Balal (maize) and raspberry in the resorts of this area. Heyran is a cluster of three villages and people in the villages of Heyran also host tourists by providing accommodation and food.

Sareyn or Sarein:

Sarein is a well-developed and popular city for tourists due to numerous spa springs in the city. The Sabalan volcanic peak has caused many hot springs to be brought out of the ground. Sarein is one of the most popular tourism destinations in Ardabil province these days. These hot springs have therapeutic and medical properties and annually host millions of tourists from all over Iran and the world.


Ardabil Local Food:

Ash is the most popular food of Azerbaijani people, due to the cold weather. Ardabil Ash Doogh is famous in almost all of Iran, but Ardabil and Sarein is the best place to eat Ash Doogh. Fruit Ash, Balghur Ash or Yarma, Nastaran gol Ash, Milk Ash and Ash-e reshteh are other soups cooked by Ardabil natives. Peechagh- gheymeh is a stew cooked with almonds and served in almost every restaurant offering traditional food. Chigirtma and Bastermaploo are also two delicious foods abundantly found in the accommodation and recreation areas of the Heyran Gorge. Serving jam as a post-meal dessert is one of the other eating habits of Azeri people.


Ardabil Souvenirs:

The plains around Ardabil are covered with wildflowers and medicinal plants. This has made honey production in Ardabil very popular. The high-quality Sabalan honey is one of Ardabil’s best souvenirs. A special kind of Halva, known as black halva, is cooked throughout Ardabil, and its high shelf life has made it a favorable souvenir in Ardabil. Black Halva shops are abundant near the Sheikh Safieddin Ardebili’s monument.

At the heights of Heyran Gorge, you will find colorful and varied carpets. Gilim and Jajim are high-quality woven fabrics that are used as carpets, tablecloths and more. These weaves are generally produced by women from the villages of Heyran.

Ardabil Restaurants:

Sadeghi House Restaurant, Kebab Ghorban of Ardebil and Shah Abbas Restaurant are among the best restaurants in Ardabil.

Accommodation in Ardabil:

In Ardebil, there are no luxury 5 star and 4-star hotels. But 3-star to 1-star hotels, apartments, guesthouses, and tourist resorts around Ardabil can be your choices for staying in Ardabil. Sabalan and Darya hotels are the only 3 star hotels in Ardabil and the 2-star Mahdi and Shurabil hotels are also ready to serve the tourists. The Ideal and Hayat guesthouses are also two proper choices for group and family trips at a reasonable price.

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