Ferdowsi International Grand Hotel restaurant

Ferdowsi restaurant is an excellent choice for vegetarians. They have some delicious food without meat like soup, salad and other local food that is suitable for vegetarians. All the food is healthy and the place is really trim. If you go there once you would definitely be a frequent customer. As clear as day you would certainly enjoy the place and food in there and the grade of the restaurant in Tripadvisor site is4. If you are a fan of kebab, don’t worry, the restaurant has an optional menu that includes all kinds of kebab, Traditional live music in the restaurant motivates your appetite so you should control your appetency because it is so bad for your money.

Moslem Restaurant

When you are visiting Tehran’s bazar you probably see a long queue. Don’t pass it and stand in line. This line is for lunch in the Moslem restaurant. It is one of the best Iranian restaurants with polite and helpful staff.  Don’t worry about time, the services are very rapid even faster than fast-food. It is not a luxury restaurant but because of its delicious Iranian food its grade in Tripadvisor is 4.5 but it always full of the customer. The restaurant has a wide range of Iranian food but kebab Brag, kebab Kobide, Tahchin are crazy delicious. The prices are not very high moreover every meal is well enough for 2 people so it is very economical.

Nayeb Restaurant

Nayeb restaurant is one of the oldest restaurants in Tehran and it has several branches. Tripadvisor grades it 4 for delicious Iranian cousins. I recommend tourists go there who want to eat real Iranian kebab. The menu has a different kind of kebabs like Soltani, Kobideh, and Bakhtiary that I prefer Kobideh. The services are impeccable and the price is very high but the food worth it. If you don’t eat meat this restaurant is not suitable for you. Nayeb restaurant offers authentic Iranian food and you definitely would enjoy its fantastic ambiance.

Sharaf El Islam Restaurant

 Sharaf El Islam is a traditional restaurant, I went there last year and I still have a dream about how delicious its cuisine is. The restaurant is situated in the heart of the grand bazaar of Tehran, so the ambiance of around is too crowded therefore it is not a good choice for relaxing. Its grade in Tripadvisor is 4.5 so there is no need saying the quality of food is very exceptional. Sharaf El Islam is a very famous restaurant in Tehran and it gained its reputation for high quality and traditional food. As mentioned the restaurant too crowded and you probably have to be sat on a table with a stranger, but don’t worry everybody in there are so friendly.

Bagh-E Behesht

There are many mountains in the north of Tehran. Darband is a neighborhood between in Tehran’s mountains and Bagh -e Behesht restaurant is situated in there. The restaurant has a stunning sight view. You should reserve a table near the waterfall that the table is the best place in the restaurant. The mean of “Bagh -e Behesht” is, a garden in Paradise and I think this is a very nice name for that place. The grade of the restaurant in Tripadvisor is 4 but if I were them I would have graded more. Bagh -e Behesht restaurant has varied food and optional menu for all customer’s tastes. The most popular cuisine in the restaurant is Shishlik and Mahiche but they are too expensive so please watch out your money.



Rahe Choobi (Wooden Road) Restaurant