Shiraz, The City of thousand colors


Has anyone ever counted the colors of Shiraz in spring? This is the question for anyone who chooses the city of flowers and the thousand-color spring for a visit.

Shiraz is a mysterious world. A city of sense and love. It is impossible for one to go to Shiraz and leave no part of his heart. To describe the beauties of Shiraz much more needs to be said, perhaps from the current alleys of this city and the corridors of old mansions and gardens and memories of the old but a surviving city.

Shiraz has many historical sites, here comes a list of the most important historical sites of Shiraz with a brief description.


Hafiz Tomb (Hafezieh) is a complex of various tombs in the north of the city which houses the tomb of Hafiz Shirazi, the great poet of the 14th century. The shape of the outer dome of the tomb is like a dervish hat and symbolizes the sky. Inside the dome is adorned with turquoise blue, purple, black, white and brown colors. Hafezieh is the first choice of Shiraz travelers.

Karim Khan Citadel

Karim Khan Citadel, more than two hundred years ago during Zandiyeh era was built on the orders of the king with the finest materials and is located in downtown Shiraz. The place became the residence of the king after the election of Shiraz as the capital. The Citadel is a combination of two types of residential and military architecture. Porches and painted rooms, fountains and gardens can be seen inside the building.

ShirazJahan Nama Garden

Jahan Nama Garden was built in the time of Al-Muzaffar, in the north of Shiraz and is considered to be the oldest garden in the city.

Eram garden

Eram Garden is an Iranian and historical garden in the city of Shiraz, which includes several monuments. This garden was built in the Seljuk era. Construction of this garden was completed at the time of Qajar and coincided with the residence of the Qashqai tribe leaders. The central core of the garden, the mansion was built in imitation of Zandieh’s architectural style and is regarded as one of Qajar’s architectural masterpieces. The upper floor of the mansion contains columns inspired by Persepolis.

Shiraz_BazaarNarenjestan-e Ghavam Garden

With the appointment of Qavam al-Saltanah as the governor of Fars province, a complex was built as his residence and at his own discretion. This collection is famous among the people as the Garden of Ghavam. The complex consists of several elements, the most notable of which are the bathhouse, Qavam Hosseiniyyah, Qavam School, Androni Qavam (Zint al-Molk House), Qavam House (Naranjast) and Qavam Private Bath.

Vakil Bath

Vakil bath was built in the Zandieh period in central Shiraz. The most advanced architecture of its time was used in the construction of the bathroom. The warm house is covered with cobblestones and beneath the cobblestones, there are narrow corridors to allow hot air and steam to flow and warm the floor of the bathroom.

Tomb of Saadi

Tomb of Saadi is where Saadi lived in his late-life and was buried there after his death. The tomb of this great poet has a turquoise dome that stands on 4 different pillars, its walls are marbled and Saadi’s tomb is in the middle.

Time to go

We have forgotten that we have to recognize the city by its color and smell and its people. Shiraz is the city of Hafiz, the city of Saadi, Shiraz is the city of poetry, Shiraz is the city of gardens. What we must remember from Shiraz is the scent of Shiraz, the culture of Shiraz that has been crystallized around the corner. The city is not known for its highways, bridges, and high-rise buildings. Today, the city is known for its past and the remains of its cultural riches. Shiraz is a city that must be remembered and able to transcend the culture of the Fars region.

ShirazShiraz is a beautiful and lovely city in all seasons of the year and has an amazing nature to visit. Apart from Shiraz, which has many pleasant sights, there are many sights around Shiraz such as Persepolis, Naghshe Rostam, and Pasargadae. Visiting Shiraz is a limitless joy and you can turn your trip into a full memory.

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