Manouchehri Hotel – Restaurant

 A small heaven in the heart of desert!

Manouchehri Hotel – Restaurant which is located in a historic and old neighborhood of Kashan near the old bazaar is a unique treasure of traditional Iranian architecture, with 400 years old history. Manouchehri House Café – Restaurant is one of the most beautiful cafes in Kashan. The café and restaurant of the Manouchehri House have facilities like free internet and outdoor dining (only for restaurant). The restaurant is open to the public and hosts up to 50 people. Polo shevid (rice with dill) with fish and Koofteh are among the restaurant’s most popular dishes. In addition to magnificent and amazing architecture, the quality of the food is very good; the staffs are nice and responsive to all your questions which make it a perfect place to enjoy your food.

Mahinestan Raheb Restaurant

With no doubt Mahinestan Raheb Hotel- Restaurant is one of the most attractive historical houses in Kashan. It is located in Kashan, Fazel Naraghi Street, few steps away from the mosque of Agha Bozorg and other historical houses in Kashan. The traditional architecture and beautiful atmosphere of this building is unique in Kashan. The flowered yard, the elegant beautiful Howz in the middle and the breathtaking plasterworks and fretworks captivates any visitor. The traditional atmosphere along with modern facilities makes this place the most luxurious traditional restaurant of Kashan. The restaurant’s most popular dishes are Tas Kebab, Khorst-e Nokhod Ale, Chelo Dizi and Goosht –o Loubia which are served in traditional dishes. Dont forget to try Kashan’s special Sherbet (some kind of Iranian syrup)!

Saraye Ameriha Hotel Restaurant

Ameri House is one of the most beautiful and important historical houses in Kashan. This house has a beautiful Iranian traditional architecture that has always been a major interest to tourists and its restaurant is known as one of Kashan’s best traditional restaurants .Although this restaurant is quite upscale and luxurious; it is set in a traditional atmosphere in a hall full of eye-catching mirrors.

Ghorme sabzi and Shefte- bademjan are among the restaurant’s most popular dishes. Koofteh Somagh, Kashk va bedemjan and Fesenjan are highly recommended. On weekends and holidays dishes such as Ghorme sabzi, Jooje Kebab, Zeresk polo and Shirin polo are served here as buffet. The restaurant also serves a variety of local and traditional dishes from Kashan.

Abbasi Traditional Restaurant

Abbasi Traditonal Restaurant – Coffee house is located in the fifth courtyard of the Abbasi Historic House. Its traditional and charming decoration and atmosphere amaze everyone. This 3-storey building includes restaurant, a traditional Iranian tea house, and balcony. Its menu includes traditional Iranian dishes, all kinds of Kebabs, stews, snacks and different types of hot and cold drinks. Among the variety of Iranian dishes, this restaurant’s Dizi is highly recommended. The menu of different tasty dishes alongside small Howzez (traditional Iranian small pools) with beautiful fountains and traditional beds covered in colorful Persian carpets can bring you an unforgettable memory. This restaurant operates every day from 11am to 11 pm and also serves special diets such as vegetarian dishes and vegan options.


Khaneh- Noghli traditional restaurant

Khaneh- Noghli traditional restaurant has a 100% traditional and classic atmosphere and it takes you completely away to the past. In addition to the antique and traditional architecture of the building, the restaurant menu also includes a variety of Kashan local cuisines and other Iranian traditional dishes such as Cale Joosh, Sour Pumpkin Stew (Khoresh-e kadou torsh), Kashk Bademjan, Gheymeh rizeh with eggplant , Eshkaneh, Barley Stew (Ash-e  jo), Ash- e Reshte and etc. Another interesting thing in this restaurant is the customer’s engagement in setting the table. Other facilities at this restaurant include various types of cold and hot drinks (the traditional herbal tea is highly recommended.),  special traditional Iranain baked bread, free internet, private parking and a library.

Morshedi House Cafe’ & Restaurant

Morshedi Café and Restaurant is a subset of the Morshedi Traditional Hotel, located on Mola-fatullah Street and Nakhl Alley and a few blocks away from traditional Morshedi Hotel. Morshedi Restaurant and Café with unique and spectacular features, is one of Kashan’s famous restaurants and cafes. It has a traditional and beautiful atmosphere with a small Howz decorated with beautiful pots full of colorful flowers. In addition to the beautiful and unique architecture, this restaurant offers a variety of delicious traditional Iranian food with highest quality to all Iranians and foreign tourists. The food is served both outdoors ( in the yard) or inside the building in rooms with traditional Iranian architecture, depending on customer request. Jooje Kebab, Koofteh –Aloo and Chelo morgh –bademjan are are among the best dishes in the restaurant that are highly recommended.