If you search in google “historical cities in Iran” probably you could not find the name of some of the important historical cities in Iran, like the one called “Izeh”.

Despite its great role in Iran’s history, it is a sign of Elma great civilization and Parthian empire in Iran. The best evidence of this claim is “Shami statue” related to Parthian period that discovered in Izeh and it is kept in The National Museum of Iran. Izeh’s spectacular places are so diversely that you may be in doubt that you are in Isfahan or Shiraz instead of Izeh.

Izeh is a city located in Khuzestan province, southwestern Iran and it is not one of those cities in the south that is famous for oil and gas reservation, it is known for its unique landscape and antiquities. The city is located in the mountains so it has a mild climate. Most of the people are farmer, this is the only way they earn money.

Izeh had another name several years ago, it was called Izaj and it was the capital of Atabak’s government. The city has a lot of famous ancient places that are so attractive for tourists’, especially foreign tourists that are enthusiastic about Iran’s history. They would definitely like “The Bas-Relief of Farh“. This lithograph includes six bas-reliefs related to Elma’ period. These extraordinary bas-reliefs are like their corresponding status in Takht-e-Jamshid but they are much older. Six bas-reliefs show that Farh was one of the Elma’s temple.

Izeh is surrounded with historical and natural places so if you are interested in natural scenery, we recommend you to travel to Izeh and visit “Susan Plain”, “Bajul”, “Karta” and other similar pretty places, and if you are interested in Iran’s history we also recommend you to travel to Izeh once more, and visit its lithographs such as “Farh and Ashkof Salman”.

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