Tehran, the beating heart of Iran, the great civilization from ancient times

Tehran, the second populated city in the Middle East, has been inhabited since the Neolithic era. The fact that is proved by the discovery of 7000 years old mummy in the city.

On the foothills of the highest volcano in Asia, a grey city rests with a colorful heart.

Most parts of the city consist of tall buildings with facades made of stone and brick. With vast busy highways among green landscapes to help with the purification and airflow, it still kept houses and stores, that belong to more than a century ago. Among the souvenir of globalization and rapid development; in the depth of the city, the old houses made the main attraction of Tehran. This is a unique paradox, the modernity in its extreme level alongside the tradition.


The North to The South of Tehran

You can pass through a centenary just by wandering in the Valiasr Street; Roughly 18 kilometers long, connecting the north of Tehran -The famous old Bazaar of Tajrish, to the south -the historic main building of the Tehran Railway.


The Most Attractive Places

The number of sightseeings is countless. From the fabulous Shams Ol-Emareh, the throne of the Ghajar dynasty to Sa’ad Abad palace, the house of Shāh, the late king of Iran. Tabiat Bridge, the largest pedestrian bridge -upon the stunning Ab-O-Atash Park. Milad Tower, the 6th largest telecommunication tower in the world, providing a glamorous 360° view of Tehran, especially at nights.


What We Recommend to Visit

While you are exploring the old parts of the city and Grand Bazaar, we also recommend you to visit the National Museum of Iran and Reza Abbasi museum for enjoying handcrafts and arts from ancient times till after Islam period as well as Abgine museum of Tehran for the breathtaking beauty of glassware and ceramics.


The most vivid experience of Tehran is pretty much summed up in the historical houses that have been turned into good high-quality restaurants such as Vakil-O-Tojjar Restaurant.


You can still hear the laughter of the kids running around the shallow yard pound, the passion of the ladies providing exceptional foods and the Men’s quest for the welfare of their families; The true spirit of Persians; joy, hard work, rich alimentary culture, and cordiality.

Despite all the ruthless propaganda against Iran, this is the land that amazed most of the visitors; with the warm hospitality of the common people.


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