Abarkooh, a City beside Mountain

In the heart of the central desert of Iran, there is a city that is composed of history, nature, and art. This city that is located among three great historical cities (Isfahan, Shiraz, and Yazd) is called Abarkooh.

Abarkooh’s ClimateAncient_Cypress_Tree_Abarkooh

Abarkooh is one of the cities of Yazd province that has a hot and dry climate. The city has 1400 monuments that 143 of them have been registered by National Iranian Art. Since the city has built near the mountain it is named Barkooh (besides the mountain) that has gradually become Abarkooh.

Agriculture in Abarkooh does not boom because of the climate situation and it has only 8 percent of total economic activities. Despite agriculture, service sector covers 54 percent of people’s job that most of them are related to tourism activities.

Ancient Cypress Tree

This fabulous city is one of the top tourism fourteen cities in Iran and it is a dream place for people who love desert and Sahara. I am going to describe some of the attractive places in Abarkooh and I prefer to start with an “Ancient Cypress Tree”. The tree has gradually become a symbol of the city and there is an old belief that it was planted by a prophet Zoroaster. The cypress had been a symbol of Iran and planting it had been very important for people. These reasons make that tree have more sanctuary.

Traditional Houses


For the next step, I like to describe traditional architecture in the city in summary. A city like all of the other cities in Yazd province has lots of beautiful windproof. Definitely, it can be said that the most stunning kind of houses can be found in Kashan and Abarkooh. When you go to “Aghazadeh house”, what you see is different from what you expect. The simplicity of the exterior of the house maybe would not satisfy your expectation but please be patient. As soon as you walk into the enclosed world of the inside of the house, you notice that the house has hidden all its glory inside itself.

Abarkooh IcehouseAbarkooh_ice_house

The next case is “Abarkooh icehouse” where people stored ice in winter for using it in summer. The characteristic feature of this building is its staircase dome that has given especially view to the building. Finally, I have to admit that I couldn’t succeed in describing Abarkooh’s beauty in word. Do you want to see the beauty of reality? So, that would be awesome to travel to Abarkooh.


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