Khane-Dohad Restaurant in Yazd

Khane Dohad is a traditional Iranian restaurant and it also has traditional architecture with an adorable environment. The restaurant has a substantial yard that its antiquity is 170 years old. The restaurant is suitable for vegetarians and it has an optional menu for them. There is a very enjoyable live music show that is performed by a funny guy. The most popular food in this restaurant is a special Gheymeh and a traditional food called Sholi. The Khane Dohad restaurant serves three meals; breakfast, lunch and dinner and they also have pizza for dinner. It is an awesome restaurant and you can enjoy all the moments being in this restaurant.

Khaneh Pedari Restaurant

Would you like to try eating in an ambiance that has 500 years old structure? Khaneh Pedari restaurant is located in Fahadan neighborhood and has a glorious historical building. The restaurant serves all kinds of traditional Iranian cuisine so you could have kebab or Fesenjoon. Special tray of food is a name in the restaurant’s menu, if you want to try it you should be extremely hungry and have a great appetite. The restaurant also has a special vegetarian meal so the staff could cater to vegetarians. Khaneh Pedary has live traditional music with amicable and polite staff. The ambiance of the restaurant is all traditional and the atmosphere is so oriental and relaxing. The restaurant’s services are for lunch and dinner and you can spend an enjoyable time at night.

Talar Yazd

If you going to intend to Yazd I recommend you should try Talar Yazd restaurant. An incomparable restaurant with professional staff and great hospitality. I bet you would have definitely a nice experience there. The prices of food are reasonable and the quality is very high. The restaurant uses Fresh food raw materials so it is an important reason that their food is very delicious. The most attractive feature in Talar Yazd is that there is a big tray full of Stuck-pot rice if you care about healthy food so it is not, but it is very appetizing. It is crowded at the weekend. Fesenjoon with minced meat and Kebab Koobideh are the most common food for customers. If you are on a vacation it is better to go there in the middle of the week.

Caesar Restaurant in Yazd

Yazd city has many delightful restaurants. One of the best of them is Caesar restaurant. Caesar restaurant has a pleasurable ambiance, with friendly and professional staff. Caesar is an Italian restaurant in the heart of Iran’s historical desert. The most charming feature about this restaurant is the gentility of its Italian cuisine, I wouldn’t be too exaggerated but when you in there, you might think you are really having lunch in Italy. The high quality of food in the Caesar restaurant allow you to pick any of item you want in the menu and still you enjoy your lunch, the restaurant serves lunch and dinner and it is open from 11 am to 12 pm. The most popular cuisine in Caesar restaurant is Italian pizza but they have also other delicious cuisines like spaghetti and types of pasta. The restaurant has special food for vegetarians like Caesar salad without meat, so if you are vegetarian don’t worry, this restaurant hasn’t forgotten you and still would have nice hospitality of you.

Marco-Polo Restaurant in Yazd

If you like to enjoy a lovely view while eating, you probably know about the Marco-Polo restaurant. A restaurant on the rooftop with a spectacular view. You can see stunning minarets and wind catchers while you are enjoying delicious food. The restaurant has friendly staff and fast services. You can order traditional food and also kinds of Kebab. Vegetarians also could consume Iranian traditional food without meat. The restaurant has a lovely place and its grade in TripAdvisor is 4.5. The prices are reasonable in comparison with other restaurants. When you sit on that rooftop and eating food as if you sit between stars.

Foka Restaurant in Yazd