Milad Tower - tehran


Milad Tower, the new symbol of the Iran´s capital

For many years, Azadi Tower was considered to be the symbol of Tehran, the capital of Iran. But as the government of Iran decided to change this symbol, the capital of Iran has a new symbol now. This symbol is Milad tower and can be seen from almost all parts of the city. Milad Tower, located in the northwestern part of Tehran, is the tallest tower in Iran. It is also the sixth tallest telecommunication tower in the world.

The height of the Milad Tower is 435 meters and it is the 20th tallest freestanding structure of the world. The tower is ranked first in terms of having the largest usable area (about 13000 meters) at the top of it.

The process of building the tower started in 1997 and took about 11 years. The opening slogan was: “The sky is near!” and it sounds true considering the height of this huge structure!

Today, after about 10 years of constructing the Milad tower, it has become one of the symbols of the city of Tehran. It is visible from almost any place in the city. The tower is an important recreational site in Tehran alongside other scenic sites of the city.

How many floors does Milad tower have?

The tower has 12 floors and in total covers an area around 12,000 square meters. Eight floors of the tower are accessible to the public. The other parts are for technical, safety, telecommunication and media purposes.

Interior parts of Milad tower

There are many different parts and sections in the Milad tower complex. As well as the food court and other recreational sections, there are also other parts that can entertain you for some hours.

The Milad Tower Municipal Museum is on the fourth floor and gives you an excellent view of the city at an altitude of about 261 meters. If you like to have a great view of the city but are a little afraid of height, you can go to the closed platform here. It offers you a spectacular view of Tehran in a completely enclosed environment.

The museum itself is also interesting. You will see many old manuscripts and gifts donated to the municipality in different periods. The ancient globes from the 17th century, purchased from the Georges Pompidou museum are among the spectacular collections of this museum.

Another museum here will take you back in time and lets you take photos with famous Iranian figures. It is on the 5th floor at an altitude of 271 meters.

On the seventh floor, at a height of 280 meters, you can watch the city of Tehran in an open space with a 360-degree view. For having a better view, cameras are mounted on the balcony. Besides, there are maquettes of the other tallest telecommunication towers of the world.

Cinemas in Milad Tower

Milad Tower has 6 well-equipped cinema halls with advanced sound and video systems. So, if you would like to spend a few hours here watching a movie, the tower provides you with this opportunity.

On the southwest side of the Milad Tower, there is an area about 1500 square meters for playing paintball, where you can experience this exciting sport.

Milad Tower Revolving Restaurant

If you are looking for an exciting view of the city of Tehran while having a delicious meal, then you must not miss the Milad Tower´s revolving restaurant. Situated on the sixth floor of the Milad Tower at a height of 276 meters, the restaurant provides you with an amazing 360-degree view of the city.

Exterior parts of Milad Tower

The Milad Tower’s courtyard has many amenities and attractive sections. It is a great place for outdoor activities, festivals, concerts, restaurants and cafeterias. Here, you can enjoy many exciting activities such as bungee jumping and cycling, too.

Dolphins Park in Milad Tower

This is the first offshore dolphinarium of the Middle East and the highest dolphinarium in the world. The dolphins here are trained for taking photos, drawing and playing the harmonica. Children can also swim with these lovely creatures.

SkyDome at Milad Tower

Another interesting part of the Milad tower is the SkyDome. It is a 13-meter glass dome that shows the evolutionary process of nine thousand years of Iranian art and culture. The design theme is based on the four main natural elements: wind, earth, fire, and water. It also demonstrates the concepts of life, love, peace, death, and justice. The dome is located at an altitude of about 302 meters high.

Milad Tower Zip Line

This zip line is over a valley at a height of 25 meters and is 131 meters long. Although it will only take about 30 seconds to fly over the valley, you are going to feel so excited an alive. So, try not to miss experiencing it while in Milad tower!