Why Piranoos is the biggest tour operator in Iran?

Piranoos being a business-class company is distinguished from other active fellow companies due to its immense experience in tourism and offering special tours and services. To wisely book your favorite tour in full confidence, here are some of the unique features of the company which determines the difference in the quality of its services and explains why Piranoos is a business-class company.

  • 24-hour responsiveness and great logistics and administrative support throughout the country
  • The only Iranian company that you can book your favorite tours with Visa Card and MasterCard
  • The only company that will do the tour even with one passenger. No quota is required on our tours
  • To have the best options of accommodation, Piranoos has contracted with more than 1,000 special quality hotels and residences for ecotourism which also enables the company to provide rooms even in the busiest times for travelers so that they can safely and securely make their reservations. This is where other agencies are not able to guarantee a quality hotel or ecotourism-stay especially in a busy time and are therefore satisfied with offering a “standard hotel”, whereas by determining at least two of the best available hotels or ecotourism-stays, Piranoos defines its great potential and high working class. To offer two hotels in a quality class is to assure you that there is always a plan B in place for us to maintain the high quality of the tour offered at the standard Piranoos level
  • Piranoos is the only Iranian company that owns more than 300 quality cars in its branches throughout Iran. This feature guarantees the convenience of your trip. Although all cars are of good quality, to make sure that you stay on schedule in case of any breakdown, the company will send a substitute car from its branches across the country with the least waste of time
  • Piranoos, with over 100 experienced employees and tour leaders across Iran, will ensure your safety and security as we are aware of the local amenities and information of small towns and cities. Accordingly, we will provide you with straightforward travel information, helpful logistical details, and tips that will help you simplify the travel process and pick the most convenient and quality travel.