Isfahan is a jewel that has kept its glory despite its historical fluctuations through the passage of centuries.

The city is too fresh to believe its historical background. Yet, it is so original as it seems, it always existed. The rich culture and beautiful nature of Isfahan are so consistent. The complete manifestation of Iranian-Islamic culture represents its consistency very well.

Isfahan: City of Four Seasons

The city of Isfahan is located in the central part of Iran, in plains parallel to Zayandeh Rood.
The territory of Isfahan itself is in a relatively mountainous region. It is in the center of Iran’s plateau, which includes the Zagros snow-covered mountains in the west to the central desert in the east and north. Due to the presence of areas with different altitudes from the sea, there are various climatic conditions in this area. Among all seasons and months, Isfahan in May is in its most beautiful and magnificent situation, when it flows from the sky into a colorful city with pleasant air and attractive lighting.


Isfahan: A Museum, where people inside are alive

The historical works of Isfahan include a collection of the best examples of varied species of Iranian architecture in a thousand years ago and more. The quality and quantity of such artwork are many and are the masterpieces of Iranian art architecture after Islam.
The works that reveal the religious beliefs of their creators and dramatically attract tourists as if they are drawn into time and emotional creation, in a world full of light and elegance.

Isfahan: The World of Art

Isfahan is a city of Iranian handicrafts and traditional arts.
Products of this kind play a major role in the export of Iran, especially to Europe.
Contemporary arts and crafts in Isfahan are in fact a continuation of the art of Safavid era by artisan masters. Carpet weaving, carving, miniature painting, mosaic, tiling, embroidery, fabric, and enamel are among the most important arts of Isfahan.

Isfahan_Sheykh_lotf_ol_lah_MosqueToday’s Isfahan

Isfahan has progressed dramatically in recent decades. Isfahan has gained the image of a modern city by increasing its population, expanding new areas and streets, buildings and factories.
In general, the unique and artistic cultural heritage of people of Isfahan has been world renown for more than thousands of years, combined with the beautiful nature of this region.


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