Ali Sadr Cave - Hamedan

Ali sadr cave, the largest water cave in the whole wide world and the most fascinating of them all…
The cave is located in Hamedan province, Iran.
Roughly a 3 hours car ride from the capital, Tehran. Of course there is always the option of flying to Hamedan,
then riding for an hour to the cave site and maybe enjoying a night or two in many housing options of
Alisadr village.


The cave, is approximately 190 million years old, so if you want to safely experience the Jurassic age, I
recommend you to visit the stalagmites and stalactite of Alisadr, while you wait for the next “Jurassic World”
movie to come.
So far, 14 km of the cave has been explored but only 4 km has been mended and lightened for public visitation.

The river that is floating all over the cave, is so clear that you can actually see the ground. The water depth
varies between 14 meter to less than 1 meter in some parts. you have to sail through most of your visit and
that is the longest boat ride, underground in the world.
There is a short stone-pass in the middle of your journey, so you can also experience the walk amongst ancient nature too. But fear not, that you will be back to your pedalo.

Despite of the perfectly natural air-flow, the circumstances of the cave such as zero sunlight over
the years and extreme hardness of water, keeps away any sort of life. I remember from my first visit in 1999,
the excitement of the leading crew, when a little herb was growing underneath a lighting lamp.
The temperature inside the cave is always the same, 16°c; so make sure to bring extra clothes if you get
chilled fast.


The main chamber of the cave is called “the freedom hall” its dimensions reach to 100 m in 50 m in 40m
high and I promise, you would be amazed by the beauty and harmony of its colours only, let alone the
fantastic view and exclusive features of its many chambers, lakes and tunnels.