The Tomb of Daniel - Susa

The Holy Shrine of the Prophet Daniel

The most famous religious site in Khuzestan is the Shrine of the biblical and Islamic prophet Daniel which is located in Susa. Six cities claim the tomb of the prophet, but the one in Susa is the most widely accepted at a site known as Shush-e Daniel.

The shrine of the prophet Daniel which is registered as an Iranian national monument is built along Shaour River. The echeloned shape of its dome distinctively stands out among the city buildings. The importance and popularity of the shrine are to the extent that it is one of the main social and religious features of Shush. The Shrine of the Prophet Daniel was reconstructed during the Qajar era after it was destroyed by a devastating flood. 

Daniel is believed to be one of the prophets of the Israelites. He is widely known for his prophecies about the coming events and the prophet Muhammad. At the age of 12, following the capture of Jerusalem by Babylonians, Daniel and three of his friends were chosen for their intellect and beauty and sent to Babylon to be trained in the Babylonian court.

After a while, he and his friends received wisdom from God and surpassed all the magicians and enchanters of the kingdom. Only Daniel was able to interpret the mysterious dreams of the Babylonian king which concerned the power of God over all kings. The overthrow of Babylon kingdom by Medes and Persians was foreseen by Daniel.

Darius the Mede, king of Persia appointed Daniel to high authority. Jealous courtiers accused Daniel of worshiping God instead of the king and consequently, he was thrown to a lion’s den but he was saved by an angel. His accusers were taken down, and Daniel restored to his position.