Falak-ol-Aflak Citadel – Khorramabad

Falak-ol-Aflak, A Castle in the Sky

Whatever you have heard about beauties of landscapes and plains in stories and books, they have become reality in Khoram Abad. Khoram Abad is a colorful city and the city is full of people that are friendly and kindly and hospitably. The city has enchanted to charming beauty. This enchantment is Falak-ol-Aflak castle. Splendor and magnificence of the castle entire to your unconscious and create a strong desire for sightseeing and staring.  The castle is a combination of natural beauty and human endeavor throughout history and invites you to watch only.


The first building of the castle dates back to the Sassanid era and it was famous to Shapoorkhast. The castle is located in the center of the current Khoram Abad and it has a perfect view of the whole city because the castle is at a height hill. It is clear that the castle’s persistence and stability owe its privileged position. Castle was renamed to Flak-ol-Aflak in the Qajar era because of its high altitude.

The castle has changed a lot during history, but most of the changes occurred during the Safavi and Qajar periods, and some buildings have been added to the castle in these two periods. The castle is 5200 cubic meters and its height is 40 meters from the adjacent street.

The castle is surrounded by hideous precipice which makes the castle seems unattainable. There is a river in the center of the city which, thanks to its abundant water, protected the castle from the invasion of enemies in the past. 


The castle has had a lot of uses throughout history, from the military garrison to the headquarters of the government and even a dreaded prison for political people in Pahlavi period. But now the castle has become a museum, including three sections; anthropology, handicaps, and archeology. One of the attractions of the anthropology museum is the tombstones in the museum. In this area, there is an old tradition that people placed a vertical stone on the grave and then craved some scenes from the deceased person on stone.

If you are going to visit the castle you should climb a lot of stairs. But seeing the beauty of the castle, it worth trying it. It is as if every castle tower speaks to you about the time that has passed. Watching the castle from below it shows its magnificence and watching it from the highlands around shows the glory of it.