Fin Garden - Kashan

Fin Garden, A Reminder of A Hero

Kashan can be considered a miracle, a lush city in the middle of the desert. You can find this feature in each site of Kashan. Most of people know Kashan because of Fin Garden. Fin Garden is famous for reminding of a most bitter incident in Iranian history more than its beauties and glories. Amir Kabir the patriotism chief minister of the Qajar era was killed in this garden by order of Naser al-Din Shah in 1852.

The garden is in a dry Wilderness and unbelievable nature, although it is so beautiful and spectacular. The history of the Fin Garden belongs to the past of Islam but its constructions belong to Shah Abbas-e-Safavi (1571-1629). Indeed it can say this garden has appeared gradually in time. Springs Soleyman that is located on the upstream side of the garden played a major role in the formation of this garden during history.


The garden was famous Bagh-e-Shah in past and UNESCO submitted it as world heritage in 2012. The reason for naming the garden is due to being located in the Fin of Kashan. Fin is the name of the traditional hat that people used to wear in the old day. This garden was built on the order of Shah-Abbas. Some historians believe that the famous Persian mathematician “Ghyath al-Din Jamshid Kashani” was the architect of Fin Garden and some of the others attribute it to “Shaykh Bahai”.

Architecturally all the standard principles are respected in the garden. It can be said that the Fin Garden is based on principles of aesthetics and conceptualism. There are two buildings in the garden named “Koshk-e-Safavi” and “Koshk-e-Qajar”. The physical framework of these two buildings has a different impact on the visitor’s behavior. Visitors are talking and noisy in one and in other, the calming silence is flowing. There is a little pool in one of the buildings that people drop their coins inside it for fulfilling their dreams. This old belief is not rational, but I suggest you do it too, anyway it worth a shot.