Borojerdi's House - Kashan

  Khane-e Borujerdi (Kashan Borujerdi House Museum)

The Borujerdi house museum is one of the historical monuments of Kashan. A wealthy merchant known as Seyyed Mehdi Borujerdi built the house to please his fiancé and her father Mr. Tabatabaei who was also a rich merchant. Construction of this most impressive house which is the work of 150 craftsmen and artists, started in 1857 and took 18 years to complete. The house was designed by Ostad Ali Maryam who was also the designer of the Tabatabaei House. Stunning frescoes paintings by Kamal Al-Molk, the well-known Iranian artist of the time enhances the historic beauty of the house. Khaneh-e Borujerdi was chosen as the top site to visit in Iran by UNESCO in 2015.

As the traditional architecture of Iran, the Borujerdi House with an area of 3,000 square meters consists of two main sections the Biruni (exterior) and the Andaruni (interior) including a courtyard with a fountain pool and an Iwan (balcony). The Biruni is the outer section of the house where guests were attended, whereas, The Andaruni is the inner section where the only immediate family was allowed to enter. A water pool with a fountain is constructed in the center of the courtyard with elaborate decoration. Borujerdi’s house was designed and constructed in accordance with the climatic conditions of the desert region of Kashan. Three 40-meter-tall Badgirs (windproofs) are erected on the main hall and one over the main entrance. In the heat of the summer, cool natural air constantly flows through the windproof on top of the roof into the building.

Divers and elegant artistic decorations like plasterwork, glasswork, mirror work and featured frescoes, the ingenuity, and creativity of the architecture especially in the unique composition and the exceptional indoor courtyard have made the Borujerdi House the most famous and most important historic house in Iran and hence, the most popular touristic sites.