Tajrish Bazaar - Tehran

Tajrish Bazaar

     Located in the north of Tehran beside a beautiful river in the Shemiranat area Tajrish Bazar is one of the most spectacular traditional markets and tourist attractions of Tehran. Tajrish Bazaar is a covered market in Tajrish Square, next to Imamzadeh Saleh shrine. The locals, especially the old, have a lot of memories of this nostalgic market as a gathering place. Tajrish Bazaar with over 400 shops leads to Tajrish Square at one end and Quds square and metro station at the other, connecting the two old neighborhoods of Sar-e Pol and Tajrish. 

The Bazar was located in a traditional neighborhood of a huge garden with so many fruitful trees. Although there is no sign of the garden anymore the shops still retain their old traditional mood particularly in the old gathering hall (Tekya) that has now become a large fruit and vegetable vendor field. The walls and ceiling are full of colorful and beautiful tiles embedded in the brick wall. The name of each shop is also decorated with turquoise tiles and written with a beautiful Nastaliq line that enhances the charm and old-fashioned mood of the market.

There is a lot of speculation about the history of this traditional market. According to some sources, the date of construction of the Tajrish Bazar goes back to 70 years ago. However, some of the old locals believe that this Bazar is much older and about 150 years old. Of course, some of the structures are much older. One of these places is the great Tajrish gathering Hall (Tekya), which is said to have existed there for 220 years even before the Tajrish market was built. The Historic Tajrish Tekya is considered one of the oldest relics of Tehran. The monument is registered in the National Iranian List of monuments in 2004. This historic Tekya has now become a colorful fruit and vegetable market. The locals modify it as a center for mourning and spectacular religious ceremonies during the month of Muharram on yearly bases. 

There are many great shops in the Tajrish Bazaar offering a variety of colorful seasonal and exotic fruits and vegetables. Even in the middle of winter, you can find all kinds of summer fruits in the Bazar. Some shops offer traditional foods like delicious pickles, sweets, dried fruits, nuts, Saffron, and spices. Various types of Iranian handicrafts like copper utensils, rosaries, and imitation jewelry are also presented at the Tajrish Bazaar. This market offers everything a tourist would expect from a traditional Iranian market only on a small scale. That’s why many foreign tourists come to the Tajrish Bazaar for shopping and sightseeing.