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  • Specified hotel and restaurants
  • The best price for this level of quality
  • New and different view of Iran
  • Professional Local Guides

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2 days & nights
Min Age : 15+
Max People : 15

Susa in 2 Days

We have organized a special tour including the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Susa in 2 days. It’s a journey of marvelous sightseeing and breathtaking places during this journey in Susa.

Here it is a great chance to see Iranian hospitality with prepared-best services. We have planned everything in detail and there is no spare time to lose. Join us to experience what is best.

Best Accommodation Places

On this tour, we have selected one of the best hotels and when there is no hotel available we have reserved the most famous eco-lodge in each area.

Distinct Catering

In our special “full board tour”, meals are not predefined, you can choose the best food in each restaurant, which are the bests in every region as well.

Our full board tour provides free meals of famous-traditional-best restaurants in all cities during our journey. When we are on a long-distance to reach another city, you can help yourself with local fruits and vegetables, juices, tea or coffee or in some cases with midday meals or snacks, which we will buy on the way from local places in each city. We are also going to visit special cafes for resting after a long walk or for enjoying the environment of traditional or modern cafes in some cities.

Travel Insurance

Foreign travelers need to be sure about the quality of insurance service, as insurance shouldn’t be just a formal procedure.

Piranoos distinct insurance service is a strong contract between Piranoos and the Iranian best insurance company to get the most satisfying services for travelers with Piranoos.

Furthermore, you as a Piranoos customer can get your arrival airport visa using Piranoos tour voucher + Piranoos insurance paper, without wasting time in the airport insurance queue and with no worry.

Piranoos insurance program is free of charge for Piranoos travelers.

Learn Farsi

On this tour, you will have some free times and we can use them to do something very special. We are going to teach you Farsi during our trip and it helps you to enjoy your communication with people. The courses are basic level and include normal daily conversations of local people. Through these practices, we can find our mutual words, idioms, traditions, hobbies, …  and learn Farsi by having fun.

There is this misunderstanding that Iranian are Arab and speak Arabic, which is not correct. Although we have a similar alphabet but the languages and races are different. Join us to learn and practice Farsi in the center of this language and later you can enjoy poems of Rumi, Hafez, Sa’adi, … by reading them in Farsi.

Dialogue of Cultures – Inside Persian Homes

We have special programs on some of the nights during our journey. We would try to set up a plan for you to see the hospitality of Dezfuli families.
In this case, you would be familiar with the features of Iranian night gatherings like foods, desserts, storytellings, seasonal fruits or dry fruits, distillates, customs, cultures, and traditional kinds of music.
Our dinner would be a homemade traditional food of that specific city and you can also join the preparation process of your dinner.
We are the first and only Iranian tour operator that applies “Dialogue of Cultures Programs” with a large quantity and a great quality and all free of charge.
We need to inform you that we have carefully selected the families to make sure you will have a perfect night with knowledgable experts. Your English leader and your English local guide would be there for you too. But, as a matter of facing unexpected problems, we will have dinner in one of the best restaurants in that city.
Tour Details

You deserve to experience what’s best during this journey. As a result, we have selected the most famous and high-quality hotels and Eco-lodges for you.

You also need to taste different kinds of Iranian delicious foods. Hence, we are going to take you to one of the traditional or famous restaurants in each destination. In these best-quality restaurants, you can choose whatever you want on the menu.

We have included all of the meals and coffee shop expenses on the offered price, so you will have no worries and will enjoy the most. You can visit most of the must-see sightseeing with our expert tour guides and always ask to visit more. If we had enough time, we would take you to those attractions without any extra costs.

The east and west of Iran are less visited than center of Iran by tourists and with this tour you have this chance to visit new and unique places in each corner of Iran. Through your journey, the changes of climates, tribes, life styles, customs, foods and many other things will be obvious for you. If you think it’s not safe and maybe it’s dangerous to do this tour, just do it to feel closely the safety of Iran.

Departure & return location

  • Ahvaz

Price Includes

  • All Night Stay Accommodations
  • All Transportation During your Journey
  • English speaking Tour Guide and English speaking Local Guides
  • All Transportation During your Journey
  • All Meals During the Journey
  • Museums and All Attractions Entrance Fees
  • Coffee Shops, Snacks, Fruits, Midday Meals
  • Travel Insurance
  • SIM Card / Internet

Price Excludes

  • Your International Flights from and to your Home
  • Any Private Expenses
  • Tips


  • Sunscreen
  • Umbrella
  • Comfortable walking shoes and sandals
  • Camera
  • Cap or hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Warm clothes
What to Expect

It is our mission to show you the best of all cities in a friendly environment. You can feel free to ask to visit more base on our great friendship, full of honesty and kindness, and our limited time. That’s why we have listed other visitable places on each day so that you can ask to visit some of mentioned places* and your leader would make a decision base on your tour’s limited-time.
We do our best to make you feel at ease and enjoy catering services. Healthy and delicious foods will be served during your trip, especially on long time distances. The whole journey applies in the exact way we have described, so you can expect to experience and see all we have mentioned.
On this tour, we tried to reserve the most famous and precious luxury hotels, restaurants and coffee shops. Yet, if the group suggests a restaurant/hotel which is better than what we have offered, we try to change the plan to what exactly please you the most.
We apply the changes without any extra cost, because …
” Your Satisfaction has Priority to Our Own Profit”

*Note: The closure of a place is a problem that may happen in some cities unexpectedly for different reasons like unannounced repairing process. In this case or in the case of having extra time we may visit some of the mentioned items in each day.


Day 1 - (SHUSHTAR)Ziggurat


This tour is designed for those who are already in Ahvaz and want to take a quick tour to see around of Ahvaz. We transfer you to Dezful to join the group and start visiting some places in Dezful. Then we head to Susa and Shushtar.
Dezful Traditional Bazaar backs to many years ago that’s why people call it The Old Bazaar. In front of the old bazaar, there are lots of shops in which you can taste local junk foods and sweets such as Buffalo ice cream, a mix of Halva Ardeh with Dates, and special cookies. These junk foods are part of the attraction of Dezful. Then, we will continue our tour and will visit Tiznoo house. For having lunch, we will stop at Delnavazan Restaurant or one of the best restaurants in Dezful. After lunch, we will visit Dez River then we have to leave Dezful to Susa. It takes only one hour to get there. We need to see the fantastic Susa Castle, Susa Museum, Apadana Palace . In the evening, you can help yourself with the midday meal. Then, we drive to Choghazanbil Ziggurat which the history behind is beyond the imagination and you must see it yourself as a UNESCO World Heritage Sites. In the evening, we will continue our trip to Shushtar, on the way we can see and take photos from Buffalo. It takes only one hour to see our indescribable city. We need to have dinner in the Mostofi Restaurant or one of the best restaurants in Shushtar. Then, it is time to check-in the hotel and rest at Tabib-e-Shushtar Hotel .
In the case of closure of a place, we can visit one of these places:
– The Tomb of Sultan Ali Siah Poosh in Dezful
Tomb of Daniel in Susa
Haft Tappeh (Seven Hills) in Shushtar
Lunch: Delnavazan Restaurant or one of the best restaurants in Dezful
Midday Catering: Buffalo Ice-cream
Dinner: Mostofi Restaurant or one of the best restaurants in Shushtar
Overnight: Tabib-e-Shushtar hotel, the best hotel in Shushtar


Day 2 - (SHUSHTAR) Historical Hydraulic system


Meanwhile having breakfast at Tabib-e-Shushtar hotel, you can enjoy the architecture of the hotel in the morning. At the beginning of the day, we visit Shushtar Historical Hydro Structure Base and Waterfall which is a UNESCO World Heritage Sites. A special Sassanid site where you can see the hydraulic system of watermills and their usages through history. We should walk to different parts of the complex and see some interesting things in the corners. You can hear the sound of the water while you walking to any part of the complex. Afterward, We drive to Mostofi Restaurant and Museum to have lunch and visit its museum. In Shushtar, we must visit Jameh Mosque because it is said that this mosque is the second-oldest mosque in Iran after the one which is in Yazd. It backs to approximately 1200 years ago. After that, we can enjoy resting in Moghadam Traditional Cafe.

Note: On next day after breakfast, We transfer you to Ahvaz
In the case of closure of a place, we can visit one of these places:
Shushtar Bazaar
Salasel Castle
Marashi Historical House
Breakfast: Tabib-e-Shushtar hotel (you can taste special dairies of the region)
Lunch: Mostofi Restaurant or one of the best restaurants in Shushtar
Midday Catering: tea with cookies
Dinner: Moghadam Traditional Cafe or one of the best restaurants in Shushtar
Overnight: Tabib-e-Shushtar hotel, the best hotel in Shushtar