Mostofi Restaurant and Museum - Shushtar

The Mostofi Traditional House-Restaurant & Museum

     Shushtar, the city of the amazing ancient Hydraulic System Complex, historic bridges, and beautiful waterfalls in southwestern Iran is also the home of The Mostofi Traditional Restaurant & Museum.

The cultural Mostofi complex consists of a Mosque, a Bathhouse, and a superb traditional house which itself comprises of the Anthropology Museum of Shushtar, the traditional restaurant, the photography-house, and the handicraft center. Constructed during the Mozaffar ad-Din Shah Qajar reign (1896-1907), the house was owned by Mohammad Ali Mostofi of Shushtar merchants. The amazing constructional manner of the house represents the architectural style of the late Qajar period.

Of other features of the Mostofi house architecture which are among the highlights of the building’s design are the wind-catchers. On the east side, there is a spacious porch with the upper part fitted with three large wind-catchers. One of which is connected to the porch and the two others are connected to the basement for air ventilation. The porch has a flat surface, the upper part of which is decorated with two octagonal columns, two half-columns, and three cradle arches.

One of the highlights of this aristocratic house restaurant is the atmospheric dining area with the relaxing sensation of a unique and elegant view of the Shatit River streaming under the ancient Shadravan Weir Bridge while delicious Iranian dishes are being served in a traditionally furnished environment.