Delnavazan Restaurant

The loveliest place that I ever had met during my life is Delnavazan Restaurant. A traditional restaurant that made you would fall in love with it so you should bring your fiancé with you to this romantic place. Delnavazan is a traditional restaurant with the most delicious food that you have ever eaten. The traditional live adorable music is fantasying and it makes the food more delicious. The staff is very friendly hospitable and their services are very fast. I strongly recommend trying this restaurant.





Shovadoon Restaurant

You won’t love Iranian food unless you go to Shavadoon Restaurant in awesome traditional restaurant with a long list of delicious dishes. The restaurant was built 15 meters below ground to keep the environment cool Therefore, it is necessary to use an elevator to enter the reception hall. The restaurant has hospitality staffs and it has also traditional live music. I like Ghafghazi and Bakhtiari kebab but you can order local food like Hamis Baghela Sabz and Gheli-e-Ghosht. Shawadoon is a special restaurant in terms of architecture and food. Its management is very professional and experienced. I am sure everyone can enjoy it there.