Sari is the center of Mazandaran province and one of the most populous cities in northern Iran. Sari is also one of the oldest cities in Iran. Sari’s climate is mostly temperate and humid in summer and relatively cold and dry in winter. Most Sari people are of Tabari (Mazandarani) ethnicity and speak the Mazandarani dialect, although Farsi is also common in the city. Sari has many handicrafts such as handmade fabrics including silk, wool, cotton, jajim, tents, choukha, bashlogh, gloves, potteries and ceramics. Sari is also a center of commerce and industry. Many immigrants from other parts of the country work in this city.

The history of Sari:

The history of life in Sari goes back to the Stone Age, and archaeological excavations in Sari led to the discovery of 6000-year-old pottery and stone tools. Sari gained more attention during the Safavid era. During the Qajar era, the founder of the Qajar dynasty, Aqa Muhammad Khan Qajar, claimed a monarchy in Iran in 1151 AH and called Sari the capital of Iran. But the city flourished and prospered after the Qajar period. The modern urban system of Sari began in the Pahlavi era and the construction of the Iranian national railway began in the city of Sari for the first time. After the revolution, the city’s development continued and Sari became the center of the population in Mazandaran Province. This city is the historical Dar-ol-molk (capital) of Mazandaran.
Sari is of particular importance because of its location on the eastbound highway to central Iran. It reaches the Caspian Sea from the north and forests and rivers from the south. Like other northern cities, Sari is a citrus producer and one of the country’s hubs for rice and animal products. Mazandaran Wood and Paper Company located in Sari is also one of the largest paper producing companies in the Middle East. This city is one of the most important tourist centers of Iran and has a considerable number of tourist attractions.

The Clock Square of Sari:

Each city has a famous symbol or element, which symbolizes that city and the clock tower is the historical symbol of Sari which was built in 1309 AH. Sari Clock Square is the name of a square in the center of Sari with a tower with a large clock and a bell ringing every hour. Mohammad Ali Heydari was the architect who built the tower.
The Kolbadi Historical House: Sari Museum of History!
About 130 years ago, at the end of the Qajar era, this house was built by the order of Sardar Jalil (army chief) for his son Amir Nusrat and later purchased by Manouchehr Kolbadi. The special architectural features of this house include the presence of colored glass and sash windows that add to its charm. The architectural style of this house is inspired by the Qajar period. This house has two parts exterior and interior. Brick, wood, and clay were used in the construction of the building.

The Resket Tower:

The Resket Tower dates back to the 5th century AH and is located in the city of Sari, in the village of Resket and has been registered as one of the national monuments of Iran. In the 231st solar year, a meteorite crashed in the area, called the “Espahbod Sherwin’s Meteorite.” Some scholars considered the Resket Tower as a multipurpose memorial near the meteorite’s crash site. Built on a steep rocky slope in the year 413 AH, the Resket Tower is the burial tomb of one of the rulers of Al Bawand dynasty. The upper part of the building and some parts of the tower dome is decorated with Mogharnas with two brick inscriptions on the Sassanid Pahlavi and the Kufic calligraphy on it.

The Tajan River:

On the eastern side of the city of Sari, there is a river called the Tajan. Around this river, there are two important national parks, one due to the name of the river, is called the Tajan Park, and the other one is Sari Melal Park, the largest park ever registered in the city of Sari.

The Churat Lake:

One of the most attractive and beautiful tourist attractions of Mazandaran province is the Churat Lake which you can reach by passing through the forest to enjoy this beautiful place and experience indescribable pleasure among the lush trees. Churat Lake was created by the earthquake in 1318 due to landslides and closure of the closure of the water source of the surrounding springs and surprised the locals. The lake that became known as the Caspian Sea’s sister-in-law.

The Badab-e Surt:

The beautiful springs of Badab-e Surt, also known as the colorful springs, attract many Iranian and foreign tourists each year. Badab-e Surt springs are located in Mazandaran province, south of Sari city, Surat village, between Erost and Mal-khast villages. Badab-e Surt’s springs are recognized as the world’s second-largest saline spring after Turkey’s Pamo Caleh.
Badab-e Surt means the effect intensity of the sparkling water effect that is locally called Eroust Wao or Badu. Its brand name is “the fountains of the Golden Palace of Eroust”. The Badab-e Surt has two springs with waters each having different color, smell and taste. One is salty and the other is sour and sweet! The salty fountain is a small pool of blue water that is commonly used for swimming in the summer and for the treatment of back pain, legs, rheumatism, migraines, and skin diseases.

The local foods of Sari:

The best and most delicious sari dishes include:
Shisheh-naz, Torsh-somagh, Keei-ananr, Kadou mosama, Espanak, Malabich, and Khoresh alou.

Accommodation in Sari:

Travelers to Sari, like most northern cities, usually prefer villas, especially beachfront villas, which may be more expensive but make your trip more enjoyable. But if you prefer to stay at the hotel, Salar-dare Hotel is the city’s most unique hotel, the first and most beautiful 4-star forest hotel, 12 kilometers from Sari. Badeleh Hotel, Navid Hotel, Narenj Hotel and Asram Hotel are also good hotels in Sari that make your stay comfortable.

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