Visadar Waterfall - Paresar

Visadar Waterfall: A jewel in the heart of the forests of Gilan!

The climate and beauty of the villages of the north of Iran are different from all the villages of other parts of the country. If you are tired of the daily life in the big cities, all you have to do is take your backpack and spend a few days visiting one of the most scenic areas in the northern parts of the country. Gilan province always shines like a beautiful green jewel in Iran and in the four seasons of the year, it presents its magical and pristine nature.

One of the most beautiful waterfalls in Iran is the Visadar waterfall, a waterfall in Pareh Sar District of Rezvanshahr in Gilan province. Rezvanshahr is 62 km away from Rasht and Visadar is located in this city and 16 km from Pareh Sar District. Due to its height, it is known as the third highest waterfall in Gilan. The special shape of its rocky wall has given this waterfall a unique and beautiful look. Visadar, which is a Taleshi word, means the shadow of the willow trees. The route to Visadar waterfall is full of beautiful tall willow trees which show why this waterfall was named Visadar.

Before reaching Visadar waterfall, the lush beautiful road that leads to this waterfall immerses tourists and nature lovers. This road is surrounded by trees on both sides and the further you go, the more breathtaking the scenes become.

The water flows from a stone structure in the form of a semicircle on the rock walls, which has been formed as a multi-layered appearance and looks like a small version of Badab-e Surt! After falling, the water flows into a small beautiful pond surrounded by the same rocky walls and looks like a different and magical world. The waterfall is located in the way of the Lemir River, which originates from the Talesh Mountains (also known as the Diamond Pass), and flows into the Caspian Sea after passing through the Pareh Sar region. Slightly beyond the waterfall are countless elegant tall trees that have provided a magical atmosphere.



Right in front of the waterfall is a metal bridge that gives you the opportunity to watch the Visadar waterfall from a proper distance. You can stand on this bridge and enjoy the magical view of the waterfall in the tranquility of the forest. Visadar Falls is located a bit below ground level. In order to be able to access the top of the waterfall, rocky steps have been created next to it. You can use them to go on top of the rocks on the wall of the waterfall.  You can sit on these stairs and look at the amazing view of the forest, river, and waterfall in front of you for hours. Remember to be careful and cautious when watching the waterfall!

The best season to travel to Visadar is from early April to early November. This does not mean that you can’t go to this waterfall in winter. Visadar waterfall has its own unique beauties in winter, but in winter you must go with complete equipment.

Visadar waterfall is one of the most amazing natural attractions in Iran. The unique beauty, stunning views, the sound of water falling from the height of the waterfall in the heart of the forest, watching the fascinating beauty of the trees along with enjoying the birds singing will provide an unforgettable memory in the mind of every visitor.

Tourist attractions around Visadar Waterfall include Asiabega Waterfall and Gissoom Forest. Another waterfall called Ovuyar Falls is also located below the Visadar Waterfall and is another natural attraction in the area.

The Gissoom Forest Park: The amazing forest tunnel of Gilan!

If you are going to Gilan province to change your mood, visiting Gissoom Forest Park is one of the best options in front of you. Where you can drive among the tall beautiful trees to reach Gissoom Beach and visit the intersection of the forest and the shores of the Caspian Sea. 

The area, now known as Gissoom Forest Park, became an attractive destination about 15 years ago with the investment of Talesh Municipality, and today it is known as one of the tourist hubs of Gilan province.

Gissoom Forest Park is one of the most beautiful and spectacular attractions of Gilan province and Talesh city, which is unique in its kind. A beautiful and lush road with tall trees on each side of the road and a beautiful lush tunnel that captures the heart of every traveler and visitor. Gissoom Forest of Gilan, as a unique tourist-coastal area with elegant and tall trees, has created a stunning green tunnel that leads to the shores of the Caspian Sea.

The road leading to this forest is so beautiful and spectacular that it is as if you are crossing the corridor of paradise. When you walk on the green road of Gissoom, you will see a beautiful and lush tunnel that preserves its beauty, even in the last days of autumn and early winter. For those who love driving on the road, Gissoom can be the road to their dreams.

It also has suitable recreational and welfare facilities for tourists. Since Gissoom Forest is located near the beach, the swimming facilities, boat riding, Jet Ski, paraglider, beach shuttle riding, and four-wheeled motorcycle riding are other options for travelers and tourists to have some more fun. In parts of Gissoom Forest Park, you can have a different experience by renting a horse. If you know horse riding well, you’ve come to the right place. Imagine riding on a horse on a forest road by the beach!


To reach one of the most beautiful forest parks in Iran, all you have to do is move from Rasht to Astara and cross the Pareh Sar region. Gradually, you will reach Gissoom Forest Park, which covers an area of 80 hectares, where the sea and the forest meet.

The name of this forest park comes from a village of the same name in the region. Gissoom is a village in Asalem section of Talesh city in Gilan province, which is located 18 km from Talesh to Anzali road.

On the beach of Gissoom, in addition to enjoying the amazing view of the Caspian Sea, you can also visit the small local market that is set up on the beach and buy colorful souvenirs. Plums and jams and other delicacies in this bazaar are not something you can easily give up. Meanwhile, local handicrafts such as wicker and wooden items can also catch your attention. In the middle of Gissoom Road, you will also find vendors offering a variety of goods, including colorful clothes and scarves, and giving you different shopping experiences.

Around the beach and on the beautiful forest road, you can buy Bilal, Labo, Chaghaleh Badum, Baqali, Ash, Faludeh and …, but one of the most popular delicacies in Gissoom is grilled fish! You must definitely try it!

Gissoom Forest, with an area of about 80 hectares, with its dense forest trees and diverse and special plant species, has become a beautiful tourist hub in Gilan Province. This park has provided facilities for tourists such as children’s playgrounds, camp, beach, hotel, daily picnic areas, nature camping facilities, hiking trails, natural flower, and plant museum. All of which will make it easier to stay and travel to this forest park.