Varzaneh Desert - Isfahan

Varzaneh Desert

Varzaneh Desert, also known as Khara Desert, is located 110 km east of Isfahan and 150 km east of Yazd. Its name derives from the Varzaneh city. Varzaneh is one of the cities of Isfahan province, located near the Gavkhuni International Wetland or Gavkhuni Marsh. One of the things that make Varzaneh attractive to visitors and especially foreign tourists is that: All Varzaneh women have been wearing white chadors according to an old tradition.

Varzaneh Desert is the best autumn tour in Isfahan and one of the best deserts in Iran. The desert of Varzaneh is covered with extensive sand dunes. The highest sand dunes of Varzaneh Desert are about 100 meters. The sandy hills of the desert are arranged in a beautiful and orderly manner, and the winds make the sandhills come in different shapes, such as crescent and pyramidal, which captivates tourists with its beauty.

Fall and winter are the best seasons to head to the desert. Especially in the autumn when the temperature is more proper than in winter or summer. Watching the enchanting starry night sky of the desert gives you an unparalleled enjoyment and an unforgettable night. If you are interested in a relaxing yet exciting journey, a trip to the Varzaneh Desert might be the right choice for you.

The largest desert recreation site in Iran is here which also contains the Vahe desert site. Among the eternal desert inhabitants, you will find plants and animals whose endurance will amaze you. The plants and animals species of this desert are also remarkable. Animals such as Sand Foxes, Sargape (Common buzzard), horned desert vipers and of course rabbits have enriched the ecosystem alongside plants such as Scambil (Calligonum) and Tagh-taghoos.

The peace and serenity of the desert may not be found in any of the other effects of nature and as long as the eyes can see, there are the enchanting sights of the desert sands that are steeped in deep silence.

At the heart of these deserts you can experience unique leisure activities such as off-roading, motorcycling, camel riding, and taking pictures in beautiful landscapes that are not found anywhere else.

The only sound that disturbs the silence is the wind. The wind blows and moves the sands in different directions. Listen to it, take off your shoes and let your feet touch the sand, lie down and stare at the blue sky and let the magic of nature fascinate you.

Camel riding in the desert:

One of the most fun and interesting things you can experience in the desert is camel riding. Horseback riding is almost an ordinary leisure activity compared to camel riding. Riding a camel is very amusing and interesting and gives you a unique experience. Riding in a camel group will take you deep into the old days in the middle of a caravan.

Sand riding:

Sand riding is another fun recreation you can pursue in the Varzaneh Desert, for this you need a board. Fortunately, there are stations where you can easily borrow it.

Quad bike riding:

It is also strongly recommended to rent a quad bike at this location, which is one of the coolest things you can do with your friends to enjoy your desert tour!

Other amenities in the Varzan Desert include 4WD cars for off-road, Zip Line and paraglider riding.

In the middle of the Varzaneh Desert, a tourist service complex has been built that even from a long distance glows in the desert with its white tents. Among these tents are two well-equipped and stylish restaurants and a beautiful traditional Sharbat-khaneh.