Vank Cathedral - Isfahan

Vank, a sign of religious tolerance in old Iran

Vank is the largest and most beautiful church in Isfahan located in Julfa district. Its gilding and historical paintings are among the greatest artworks in Isfahan. This magnificent church was built in 1605 AD during Safavid era on the lands of the barberry gardens. Vank means the cathedral in Armenian language.

Around the dome is the story of the creation of Adam and Eve drawn by the Armenian painters. painted-illustrations of Christ are also on the beautiful church altar. In the corner of the church’s courtyard, there is a large bell tower. This amazing bell tower is built on four stone pillars. In the other corner of this courtyard and in front of the bell tower, there is a large pillar. People have made this pillar in memory of 1.5 million Armenians who were massacred in 1915.

The Vank church has a variety of facilities, such as a museum and a library. The Museum back to 1905 AD. A number of old books and paintings by European painters are still in this museum. Among the collections of this museum is the written documents during Safavid era by Iranian monarchs that issued Armenians. The library is also one of the best sources for researchers and scholars of Armenian and other religions including 25,000 volumes.

In addition to the Armenian sanctuary, Vank church is the site of preserving valuable historical works and old manuscripts and is therefore considered one of the attractions of Isfahan.