Zardkooh or Zardkooh-e Bakhtiari is a mountain in the north-central Zagros, which is located in southwestern Iran. This mountain is located near Koohrang city, Bakhtiari region, located between Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari and Khuzestan. Zardkooh, with an altitude of 4,080 meters, is the second highest mountain in the Zagros Mountains after Mount Dena and one of the 1515 most famous peaks in the world. The Zardkuh (or Zardeh) mountain range is located between the two great rivers of Koohrang and Bazft in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province. The direction of this range is from northwest to southeast. This mountain range is one of the richest natural water resources in Iran and some of the main sources of Karun River (the largest river in Iran) and some of the main sources of Zayandehroud River originate from this mountain range. Many rivers originate from this mountain range, such as Ab-e-Bazoft, Ab-e Koohrang, Ab-e-Zak, Ab-e Lab, Ab-e-Shangi, Ab-e-Sharmak, Ab-e-Turki, Ab-e-Darreh-e-Kal, Ab-e-Dozdaran and Ab-e-Kufi rivers. Also, the main glaciers of the Zagros, which have ice nuclei, are located in the mountains of Zardkooh, the most famous of which are the Ilok glaciers (the longest glaciers in Iran), Pursunan, and Khersan.

One of the best mountaineering destinations in Iran is Zardkooh mountain range located in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province, which is known as Zardkooh Bakhtiari and climbing it can be a great honor for any mountaineer. Zardkooh also has several high, beautiful and famous peaks, among which we can mention Shah Shahidan, Zardeh, Dozardeh, Haft Tanan, Klonchin and Kino. Klonchin is known as the highest peak in Zardkooh Mountain and Shah Shahidan Peak is the second highest peak with a height of about 4150 meters. The two spectacular cities of Chelgerd and Ardal are located on the eastern slopes of Zardkooh and the forests of Bazoft and Garab, and the beautiful Sheikh Ali Valley is located on its western slopes.

Definitely, climbers who go to Koohrang city to climb Zardkooh peaks will get tired on their way and will need a place where they can regain their physical strength and rest a little. However, the nature of the area is so beautiful and eye-catching that people can just sit on the ground wherever they get tired and get energy again by breathing pure oxygen for a few minutes. However, two shelters called Chal-Mishan and Khersan are built on the eastern slopes of the Zardkooh Klonchin Peak for climbers. Chal Mishan shelter is made of metal and Khersan shelter is made of stone and only its roof is made of metal. There is also drinking water next to Chal-e-Mishan shelter.

During your trip to Koohrang city of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province, you can stay at Koohrang Shahrekord Hotel, 91 km away from Shahrekord, in front of the waterfall. This hotel started operating in 2001 and was renovated in 2016. Koohrang Hotel in Shahrekord includes 30 rooms on two floors. One of the advantages of this three-star hotel is its proximity to the Koohrang waterfall. With a good location in the heart of nature, this hotel can bring a dreamy stay for tourists.

Attractions around Zardkooh:

The closest attraction to Zardkuh is its lush and beautiful slopes that cover the whole area like a beautiful green velvet and can be the best place for tourists and climbers. The next attraction is Qaleh Tabarok village of Koohrang city, which is located in the Bazoft section of this city. This lush and pleasant village with the most hospitable people has several beautiful springs and flowing rivers. The next attraction is the village of Sar Agha seyed in Koohrang.

This village is one of the most pristine villages in Iran and with its spectacular architecture and views; it can be an attractive destination for tourists. Another attraction of Koohrang city is Sheikh Ali Khan waterfall located in Sheikh Ali Khan village of Chelgerd city, which falls from a high cliff and create freshness and beauty around it. Other attractions of Koohrang include Koohrang tunnel as a 2900 meter tunnel belonging to 1327 AH, Dimeh spring located 10 km from Chelgard city in Dimeh village with many mineral properties, Dasht-e Lalehaye vajgoon (Inverted Tulip meadow) around Chelgard city with the above landscapes and extremely beautiful and enchanting weather and the Bazoft area.

Zagros Ski Tour around Zardkouh in 8 Days

8 Days
Zard Kuh is a sub-range in the central Zagros Range, Iran, with 4221 meters […]

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