Natanz, The Green Pearl:

Nazanz is a historical city in the northeast of Isfahan province and one of the central cities of Iran in the foothills of Karkas mountain range. The people of this land have long been known for gardening and flower growing. The abundance of gardens in the area testifies to this.

Natanz is best known for its pleasant climate, natural products, and local fruits, especially pears. Natanz in the Pahlavi language means a pleasant climate.

The city dates back to pre-Islamic times. According to the Isfahan Cultural Heritage Organization, the city has more than 1,800 historical, cultural, and natural attractions. One of the most important natural attractions of Nazanz is the Karkas protected area with at least 53 species of native and migratory birds. Studies and research show that 70% of the country’s medicinal plants grow in this region.

In ancient times, this city was a safe haven for Sassanid and Parthian kings due to its location in the center of the country and its pleasant climate and scenery. Today, due to its location in the Kashan-Isfahan tourism axis, having historical monuments, abundant gardens, and remarkable natural landscapes, as well as the existence of Abyaneh village, is one of the most important tourist spots in the country.

One of the most prominent advantages of this city is its mild weather and clean air, which has turned Natanz into a green pearl and a shelter against the hot and burning deserts. This delicacy is most noticeable in most of its areas, especially in the mountainous area, which is surrounded by greenery, springs, and groves.

Natanz attractions:

Natanz Grand Mosque (Tomb of Sheikh Abdul Samad Isfahani):

Among the gardens in the heart of the historic city of Natanz, tall minarets, a pyramidal dome, and an old, towering sycamore tree attract the attention of every newcomer. The Natanz Grand Mosque represents the exquisite history and architecture of the Islamic period and is also known as the tomb of “Sheikh Abdul Samad Isfahani”. The Natanz Grand Mosque complex consists of the tomb of Sheikh Abdul Samad, the head of the monastery, the octagonal domed nave, and a tall minaret along the roof.

Natanz Fire Temple:

Natanz Fire Temple is a four-room fire temple belonging to the Sassanid era, which is located in the back alley of the Natanz Grand Mosque in a garden. The access road to this monument is very difficult and you can only access it through the gardens. From the roofs of the surrounding houses, you can also see part of this spectacular fire temple. If you want to have a better view of the building, you can go to the roof of the Grand Mosque and see the remains of this collapsed dome.

Afshteh Neighborhood:

In the southeast of Natanz, there is a wonderful neighborhood called “Afshteh”, among the lush and towering trees, which is home to 9 historical and valuable monuments. Amazing historical monuments, including the house of Suragah, the tomb of Seyyed Hassan Waqif, the tomb of Mir Seyyed Waqif, the historic baths, the syrup house, the water storage, the mosque, the Hosseiniyah, and the monastery, are all located in this unique neighborhood.

Mir Mosque:

Mir Mosque houses the tallest and most unique two-story altar in the Islamic world. This historical altar, which dates back to the Seljuk period, is a bed altar with a height of 84 meters and a width of 64 meters.

Arisman Archaeological Site:

The 6,000-year-old Arisman Archaeological Site is located 20 km from Natanz and is the world’s first metal smelting area. The presence of huge copper smelting furnaces, copper ore, parts, and casting molds has added to the area’s appeal. Other artifacts include a brick building, most likely an industrial workshop and a cemetery have been discovered in the area.

The Fountain of Red Water:

The red fountain is located 45 km northwest of Natanz. The water of this spring is a mixture of bicarbonate water mixed with gas and is very effective in treating diseases of the liver and bile ducts, stomach and intestines, nutritional diseases, and gastrointestinal tract. In addition, drinking the water of this spring due to the presence of iron salts in its composition increases the number of red blood cells and the amount of hemoglobin in the blood and ultimately helps to treat various types of anemia.

Fairy Cave (cave of Parian):

This cave was discovered in 2000 and until today, cavers have always made new discoveries in this cave. So far, the number of halls discovered in this cave has reached 11. Due to the existence of dangerous wells in this cave, its complete survey requires a complete familiarity with caving techniques and without having the necessary tools and instruments and a complete guide and map of the cave.

Natanz Souvenirs:
Pottery and Ceramics:

Pottery and ceramics in Natanz is one of the popular industries that are produced in a traditional and handmade way. The construction of pottery and ceramics in this area dates back to 700 years ago, which is still standing today.


Carpet weaving is another popular handicraft in the region and is still produced with great enthusiasm among the villagers. Carpet products of this region are also sent to Kashan carpet market.


The Alg is a fruit from the peach family, which has a very sweet taste and is grown only in the villages and hamlets around Natanz. This fruit is also used as a dried fruit product with a mixture of sugar nutmeg.

Joze Ghand:

Sugar nuts are ground walnut kernels and sugar soil, which locals call Joze Ghand.


Pear is the most famous fruit of this region, which is considered as a gift from the point of view of the people of Natanz Most of this fruit is obtained from the village of Tame Natanz, which is also called the pear village of Natanz. Due to the unique climate of this region, pears grown in Natanz have a unique taste.


Pomegranate with black or white skin is another high-quality product of this region that is exported to many cities and is very popular.

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