Kelardasht is one of the western cities of Mazandaran province. This city is famous for its cool and clean air and beautiful nature. It is also one of the closest northern cities to Tehran. The distance from Kelardasht to the sea is about forty minutes. Kelardasht is connected to the sea by the Abbas Abad forest road. The city of Kelardasht is a relatively large plain in the Alborz Mountains surrounded by mountains.  This plain is 1250 meters above the Caspian Sea. Because of this, the climate of Kelardasht is cool and not humid throughout the year. This is a huge advantage over other neighboring northern cities such as Chalus, Clarabad and Motel Ghou. In spring and summer, there are mild days and cool nights. So some tourists stay the night in Kelardasht due to the pleasant weather and enjoy a day out at the seaside and return to their villa and hotel in Kelardasht at night again.

Each year around 700,000 Iranian and foreign tourists choose Kelardasht as their tourist destination. If you want to travel to this city and want to stay for a day or a few days, you have made the right decision! The lush nature, the dense forests, the high misty mountains and the snowy peaks and friendly and hospitable people will make this trip unforgettable.

The lush and green forests around Kelardasht along with the Sard-abrood River and the surrounding mountains have made this area one of the most popular tourist spots in our country. This lush land has so many beauties and resembles an image of a dream. Kelardasht also has many villages, each with its own unspeakable beauty.

Kelardasht to Abbas Abad Road:

Kelardasht Road to Abbas Abad is one of the most beautiful and dreamy roads in Iran. The unique pristine nature of this road will remain in your mind forever. Along the road, there are many tourist resorts, some of which serve northern delicious local cuisines.

The Valasht Lake:

Valasht Lake is one of the most popular sightseeing locations in the northeast of Kelardasht. This lake is one of the nine lakes in Iran that were created by the dam construction and is also one of the ten freshwater lakes in the country. The road to this lake is very spectacular and full of beautiful pine trees. The lake is also very beautiful and fascinating which attracts every viewer. Fishing on the lake is also allowed for tourists. Watering, swimming, and boating on the lake can be a delightful and memorable experience for anyone.

The Mazichal village:

Mazichal village is located 2600 meters above sea level, 20 kilometers from the beautiful city of Kelardasht. This magnificent village resembles a magical paradise on earth because of its beautiful ocean of clouds and the vast landscape from the Caspian Sea to the beautiful forests of Mazandaran. The sounds of the flock’s bells, the local cuisine, the ocean of clouds and the clean air of this dreamy village will fascinate every tourist. If you go to Mazichal, be sure to try the hot and fresh baked bread made by the local women.

The Ojabet or Ojabeyt Palace:

The palace of Ojabet or Ojabeyt is an old castle dating back to the Pahlavi era. The palace is a two-storey European-style monument, with luxurious chandeliers hanging from its ceilings. The courtyard surrounding the palace is also full of cedar trees, creating a spectacular view. The palace used to be a museum but now belongs to the presidential institution.

The Kordichal village:

Kordichal is one of the most beautiful villages in Kelardasht and has earned the title of “Pearl of Kelardasht”. The magnificent scenery of this village has made it one of the most popular tourist spots in the country.


Alam Kuh peak is located 20 kilometers southwest of Kelardasht city in Mazandaran province. The second highest peak of Iran after Damavand Peak is also known as the “The Alps of Iran”.

Many hikers and rock climbers from all over the country visit Alam Kuh thanks to its excellent mountaineering capabilities and unique landscapes. There are also many animal species, including goats, brown bears, leopards, wolves, jackals, foxes, Caspian snowcock, and a variety of plant species.

The Samavar (Samovar) Stone:

This marvelous and strange rock is on its way to the summit of the mountain. This rock is actually a large and extraordinary slate that lies vertically at a height of about 4500 meters and is one of the wonders of Alam Kuh and Kelardasht.

The Harijan village:

Harijan is one of the most spectacular villages of Kelardasht in Mazandaran Province. This pleasant climate village has extensive meadows and tall and spectacular waterfalls. The best time to visit this beautiful village is in May when spring plants have sprouted and the waterfalls of the village are flooded.

The Bagh-e Chaman Recreation Complex:

The Bagh-e Chaman entertainment complex is located in the beautiful city of Kalardasht (the capital of Iranian ecotourism). The complex is well-equipped to accommodate tourists and travelers near the beautiful nature of the Sard-ab-roud River. Facilities include hotels, coffee shops, a fishing lake, parking, horseback riding, cycling, fishing and fisheries, a dreamy jungle walk area, a playground, and pergola.

The Siah Bisheh (Black Forest) Village:

Siah Bisheh village is a hidden village on Chalus Road in Kelardasht. Cross this village at any time of the year, you’ll find yourself in the middle of thick mist and cloud. The beautiful scenery of the village can tempt tourists to stay for several hours and capture a fun and joyful memory in their minds.

The Kelar Ancient Hill:

Kelar is the name of an ancient city and hill in Kelardasht. This ancient hill is one of the historical sights of Kelardasht, which has a prominent role in clearing archaeological confusions on the southern margin of the Caspian Sea and that’s why it’s called “The Paradise of Explorers”. According to archaeological finds from this hill, it is said to date back to 800 years BC.


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