Ezmeyghan: Tabas tourism paradise!

Azmighan or Ezmeyghan is a village in the central part of Tabas city, South Khorasan province Iran. The village is located in Montazerieh district. To reach the village of Azmighan, you have to enter the Tabas to Bashrouyieh road, which is also called the airport road, because Tabas airport is located on the same road. Thirty kilometers from Tabas, the sign of the tourist village of Azmighan can be seen on the right side of the road. After passing another 5 km on this road, you will reach Azmighan village.

Due to its permanent rivers, this village is different from other villages in the desert in terms of climate. The village of Ezmeyghan is the only place where you can see the cultivation of dates and rice together. Ezmeyghan has two different climates: hot and humid vs. hot and dry, one of which is suitable for producing dates and the other is suitable for rice cultivation. Also, the flow of water between these farms and gardens has created a natural, green, and pleasant texture. In the middle of the village, several natural and artificial pools of water and canebrake and reeds and palm trees and paddy fields amaze the visitors. Near the agricultural farms is a vertical wall of a mountain hill with small caves and holes that have long been dug.

This area is called “Khanik”. Continuing the route, you will reach beautiful natural water pools at the slopes of the rocky cliffs of the mountain, which are the source of this small river. The water in these ponds is very clear and there are many cute small fishes called the Doctor Fish. They gather around your feet and tip the skin of your feet and provide you with a natural, free, and heartfelt massage. The sunshine among the magnificent palm leaves and its reflection in the water of the river, which is full of cute little fishes, displays a special beauty in the heart of the desert.

From rural attractions and gardens to paddy fields and perennial palm trees, from summer slopes to beautiful natural springs, from ancient textures with native architecture to historical and cultural monuments are all attractive attractions for tourists. Due to the pleasant climate and mesmerizing nature of the village, visiting it is recommended in every season of the year; in spring, the aroma of spring orange and tree blossoms, and in summer, the beauty of the paddy fields is spectacular. In addition, the temperate climate in autumn and winter gives travelers the opportunity to enjoy a desert tour. If you go to Ezmeyghan, be sure to visit the river and find the Takht-e Aroos at the heart of the river. On the way to the Takht-e Aroos, there are beautiful gardens-restaurants where you can enjoy local foods such as Ash. The tourist area of Kal Jenny in Tabas is also located near the village of Azmighan. It is highly recommended to visit this spectacular and magical place.

Ezmeyghan village is one of the most beautiful tourist areas of Tabas. The village is located 40 km east of the central part of Tabas city. The houses in this village are architecturally similar to other desert houses. Clay, mud, and soil are together with wood are the main materials for these houses. Pristine and beautiful nature along with unique tourist attractions has made Ezmeyghan a spectacular and lively village. Ezmeyghan is one of the few desert areas with permanent rivers. This village is exemplary and unique in the country in terms of plant diversity. In Ezmeyghan, in addition to the dates and citrus fruits and other seasonal fruits, rice is also cultivated. Palm trees and rice paddies have given this village a special beautiful view.

Azmighan is one of the most amazing villages in Iran and one of the wonders of Iran’s nature. Among the tourist attractions of Ezmeyghan village, including natural and historical attractions, are the tomb of Sayed Muhammad ibn Ja’far Tayyar, the Takht-e Aroos and the Ghadmgah waterfall, and two old Arabic inscriptions, probably from the time of Muhammad ibn Ja’far Tayyar, and also a 300 years old fig tree with 20 meters height. At a distance of 5 or 6 km from the village, there are two old beautiful castles that the locals call them the Dokhtar Castle (The Girl Castle). Ezmeyghan village is also famous among tourists for two reasons: rice paddies and palm groves. Nowhere else in the world can these two types be seen together.

Takht-e Aroos of Ezmeyghan:

One of the most fascinating natural attractions of Tabas is called Takht-e Aroos, located in Ezmeyghan. Thousands of Iranian and foreign tourists visit this spectacular natural phenomenon every year. The Takht-e Aroos is located above the water stream that leads to this village.

Takht-e Aroos means The bride’s bed. This area is called Takhte aroos because of the large white rock that appears on the bottom of its valley. This large white stone is in the middle of the river and looks like a bed because of the water moving on both sides and because of its white color they call it a bride!

The shrine and tomb of Muhammad ibn Ja’far Tayyar:

This place is the tomb of one of the nephews of the first Shiite Imam (Imam Ali). The beautiful tomb of Imamzadeh is located on a high hill that completely overlooks the village of Ezmeyghan. The building of this shrine has been destroyed several times over the years but thanks to the local people of the village, it has been repaired and renovated many times and is ready to receive pilgrims.

The Ghadamgah strait and waterfall:

There is a beautiful strait and waterfall near the village of Ezmeyghan which is called: Ghadamgah. Travelers and tourists can swim in this strait with the necessary precautions. However, swimming in this strait is not so safe and secure! To reach this beautiful strait, you have to walk about 30 minutes from the village because there is no car route.

Ezmeyghan also has some traditional tourist residences such as Nardoon Residence, the Agha Seyed Zabihollah Traditional Residence, and Amou- Nourouz Residence.

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