Dizin Ski Resort:

Dizin is the most important ski slope in Iran and the Middle East region after the Mzaar Kfardebian in Lebanon, which is located in the city of Karaj in the Alborz province. Dizin is located in the Alborz Mountains, 123 km from Tehran, on the Chalous Road, 74 km from the city of Karaj, and 71 km from the Shemshak route, which has significant sports facilities. Dizin ski resort is the first ski slope in Iran, which was approved by the World Ski Federation for official competitions and won an international title. Dizin is the most important ski slope in Iran and the Middle East.

Dizin International ski resort is known worldwide. And every year, many tourists come to Iran only for skiing in Dizin and Shemshak. Therefore, the facilities of this track are not anything less than the best ski slopes of the world.

The first lifting devices were installed in 1969 in Dizin. Dizin has 23 ski slopes, including 4 telecabin shaleh, Gholeh, Dareh, Chaman, 2 Gholeh and Chaman Chairlifts, and 7 teleskies including plate (Boshqab) teleski, Doppelmayr, Cichal, Ghavazni, Poshtwill, beginner, Chaman and Chakoshi teleski. The two Chairlifts of the Gholeh and the Chaman also take you to the top of the mountain, and the difference with the telecabin is that it consists of only one bench and a protector.

Some of its tracks include the Snow Park track, the U track, the beginner track and the grass track. The lowest spot of the Dizin ski resort is 2650 meters above the sea level and the highest spot is 3600 meters above the see and the whole ski slope area is 7.5 kilometers. The duration of the ski season in Dizin, which provides the most time for skiers in Iran, is from early December to late May.

According to the development of the area, the welfare facilities of this beautiful ski resort include 2 hotels, 19 cottages (shaleh) and 5 restaurants. With a very good winter climate (-20 degrees Celsius) with a lot of sunny days and a pleasant summer maximum (+ 20 degrees Celsius) and plenty of facilities, Dizin has become a unique winter and summer tourist village in the Middle East. During the summer, grass skiing is also possible on this track. The Dizin grass ski slope is 650 meters long. Every year, world grass skiing competitions are held in this area. At the same time, in other areas of Dizin, including the grass track area, there is the possibility of activities such as mountain biking, archery, kite riding, etc., and tourists visit the flower garden and rare species of mountain plants. Dizin ski slope also includes jumping spots such as Behzad and Gavazni. There is also an Alpine and Snowboard Ski Training School for those who want to learn.

In addition to a variety of tracks, the following tracks at the Chaman Restaurant Station give athletes the right to choose:

Beginner’s track: The patient staff at the beginner’s track has created a safe place for learners of this fun sport at any age.

Professional’s track: Provides a fun environment for professional snow board athletes to enjoy their activities to the fullest.

Shaleh Restaurant is located at an altitude of 2,900 meters and Chaman Restaurant is located at an altitude of 2,600 meters on the mountain.

Dizin Tourist Hotel:

Dizin ski tours are usually accompanied by a stay at the beautiful Dizin Hotel.

Dizin Tourism Hotel is located in the mountains of Central Alborz and includes two tourist complexes 1 and 2 and a residential complex, known as Shaleh (cottage), which is one of the highest quality tourist complexes in Iran. The extraordinary design from the Pahlavi historical period, its location in the heart of the mountains, its proximity to the capital and the 20-degree temperature difference, and its proximity to the Disney Ski Resort are all unique features which makes the Dizin Tourism Hotel a spectacular and special tourism complex.

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