Tochal Hotel - Tehran

Hotel Tochal: the world’s highest mountain hotel!

Tochal is the name of a very famous peak in Alborz Mountain. It is about 3962 meters above the sea level and located in the north of Tehran province. The southern slope of Tochal is adjacent to the city of Tehran and overlooks the city.

If you are interested in skiing and are looking for a different stay in Tehran’s spectacular ski resort, the Tochal Hotel would be an attractive choice for you.

Situated at the height of 3545 meters above sea level, this hotel is the world’s highest mountain hotel. This three-star hotel is built on an area of 2430 square meters.

Hotel Tochal of Tehran was built in 2001. The 2-storey hotel has 30 rooms on the first and second floors, including one- and two-bed rooms and suites with panoramic views (extra service is available as a sofa). A safe and secure place for those who love winter skiing and a special, calm and cool place in other seasons of the year. The hotel’s easy access to the Tochal ski piste or resort has greatly increased the hotel’s popularity. The interior decoration of the hotel has a cozy and intimate atmosphere that will give you a feeling of peace and security in the heart of the mountain.

Hotel Tochal of Tehran always hosts professional climbers and skiers and offers proper service. You can enjoy a varied menu of warm and delicious dishes at the Hotel Tochal restaurant on the heights of the Tochal Mountain and if what you need is a drink you can go to the hotel’s cafes next to the restaurant or in the lobby and enjoy your special moments.

Skiing is one of the most popular winter sports. The mountain’s silence and grandeur, along with adventure and physical activity, are the hallmarks of the sport that draws enthusiasts to ski resorts every year in winter.

The Tochal ski resort is covered in snow most of the year and always hosts many tourists from all over Iran. Other advantages of this three-star Tochal hotel in Tehran include the amenities of accommodation and professional staff.

Along the way to the Tochal Hotel, the spectacular and beautiful views of the Alborz Mountains in the summer and the amazing snow-capped scenery of winter will attract anyone.

The hotel has a capacity of 55 guests and features a lobby with a beautiful view of the piste ski, a medical clinic, recreational amenities such as billiards and foosball tables, Xbox and brain games including chess and more.

Passengers can visit the reservation office located at the first tele-cabin (gondola lift) station before 11:00 am with the required identification documents and confirm their reservation. Transfer of passengers to the reservation office located at the first gondola lift station is through the parking door of the Tochal gondola lift complex. The gondola lift tickets to hotel and back are free for passengers. Guests at the hotel undergo medical examination upon arrival and if approved by a doctor, their stay will be approved.

With its 60 rooms and suites, the Tochal Mountain Hotel offers a relaxing and enjoyable time away from the hustle and bustle of the capital.

The Hotel’s special rules:
  • Due to the high altitude of Parsian Tochal Hotel in Tehran it is not possible to accommodate guests under 8 years old and over 55 years old, pregnant women, cardiovascular patients, pulmonary and special patients with hypertension, diabetes and physical disability.
  • Reception at the Hotel Tocal is on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 1 pm and is closed on other days of the week.
  • Passports are essential for the reception of foreign guests.