Taq-e Bostan - Kermanshah

Taq-e Bostan

Glorious artwork extant in the heart of the Zagros Mountains. A reminder of the great times. Unique design and royal paintings belong to the third century AD. Time has not been able to reduce the artistic delicacy of this rock art.


The most important masterpiece is the large vault with crown prints of Khosrow Parviz. Khosrow II, also known as Khosrow Parviz, was the last great Sasanian king of Iran, ruling from 590 to 628. The vault has a rectangular portico with a width of 7 m and 85 cm, a height of 11 m and a 90 cm, and a depth of 7 m and 65 centimeters. It also includes paintings of the royal hunting ground which is the first stone carving under the rules and principles of painting in the world. Also, this monument includes images of Khosrow Riding on Shabdiz (his famous horse), playing music with Harps instruments by female musicians, and several inscriptions on the Pahlavi script.

This ancient work was built on one of the main roads at that time for being in front of everyone. In fact, from the beginning, it has been a propaganda mission for the Sasanian dynasty, which would well justify the artistic delicacies used in this work.


Among the interesting points, it is a great similarity between the appearance of the Sassanid kings in this work with the historical monuments left from the Sassanid period in other Iranian historical, such as Shiraz and Kazeroon.

In addition, to the historical monuments carved on Taq-e Bostan Mountain, beautiful lake surrounded by old trees and historic works transported from other parts of the city. At last but not least the old and famous Taq-e Bostan restaurants with special ribs of this area can provide a memorable visit for every traveler.