Shazdeh Garden - Mahan

Shazdeh Mahan Garden: A Green jewel in the heart of the desert

The Shazdeh Mahan Garden is one of the magnificent historic gardens of Iran. This garden is about 2 kilometers from the city of Mahan, near the city of Kerman, on the slopes of the Tigran Mountains and was built at the end of the Qajar period. The garden was first built by the order of the ruler of Kerman, Mohammad Hassan Khan Iravani, and the building was later built by Abdul Hamid Mirza Nasser al-Douleh, the ruler of Kerman, during his eleven years of rule (1298 AH to 1309 AH).

It is like a paradise in the midst of desert. The Shazdeh Mahan Garden has been listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. One of the most fascinating attractions of this garden is the presence of enchanting water streams and beautiful tall trees, creating a paradox of beauty in the heart of a desert.

The water flowing through this garden is originated from the Ghanaat and river of Tigran which originates from the snows of the Jupar Mountains. In addition, the steep gradient of the ground causes the water to flow through the Shazdeh garden. Proper fertile soil, enough sunlight, and access to water have been some of the reasons that have made such a miracle possible in the desert and have led Iranian architects to create such an unparalleled masterpiece.

The architecture of garden:

Shazdeh Mahan Garden is one of the largest and most beautiful Persian gardens, set right in the middle of the desert. This wonderful garden is one of the most spectacular attractions of Iran that with a soulful atmosphere and facilities such as restaurant and hotel can make your day.

Horse riding around the garden is also provided for those who are interested. Some of the rooms in the Garden Mansion are dedicated to the shops for souvenirs and beautiful Persian carpets. This garden is typical of the Persian gardens and is set on a rectangular ground of five and a half hectares and has a very beautiful entrance porch. The Garden buildings include the main Kooshk (the permanent or seasonal residence of the owner) which is located at the end of the garden.

The front porch of the garden (Sardar) is built at the entrance part of the garden and has two floors. After the entrance corridor, you enter a small, closed vestibule (Hashti) on the ground floor. Stopping at this vestibule before entering the garden will prepare you for a spectacular view of this magical garden. Standing beneath the arch, you will see a view of the garden, the main building and the Howz and elegant fountains that will present the most beautiful image. The upper floor of this Sardar has beautiful rooms with traditional Iranian architecture, reserved for guests.

In addition to the front porch, the garden also includes a Shah-neshin mansion and an old stylish Iranian bathroom. At present, the Shah-neshin section has become a restaurant. There is a large Howz with five fountains in front of the mansion, with water pouring into a small pond and continuing on its way to 10 cascading streams flowing through the garden.

The private garden:

One of the things that distinguish this garden from other Iranian gardens is the presence of a part of a hidden private garden behind the mansion in the backyard. This area allows the residents of the garden to have a more private space separate from the main garden. In this part of the Shazdeh Mahan garden, beautiful fruit trees alongside pathways and water streams have created a fascinating and eye-catching atmosphere.