Opert Ridge - Semnan

The Opert Wall

     At the south border of Mazandaran province, neighboring north Semnan is a pristine and mountainous region with wonderful springs, beautiful rural houses, and spectacular views known as Opert Valley. This valley, with its beautiful green mountains, like a wall, blocks the movement of the dark gray rain clouds that seem to float on the air. Standing high, the valley, also called the Opert Wall, amazingly separates the forest from the desert.

The Opert Wall is the south-north barrier of the Alborz Mountains. When rainclouds come in numerous display of shapes and sizes, the mountains block most precipitation from falling in the valley, creating a rain shadow area where few plants grow on the south side and a wet weather system on the north where it is a lush forest.

Dozens of small paradises are hidden behind lush ridges, on the slopes of tree-covered mountains, in the spirals of settlements and forests and water-filled valleys, and on the slopes of foggy mountains. Everywhere in the pristine and irresistible area of Opert Valley, one will be immersed in the spectacular and enchanting beauties that appear in this green land.

Opert’s nature is a unique combination of forest, mountain and desert landscapes. The beautiful nature of the north side covered with various colorful flowers and springs with soft freshwater most delightfully decorate the slopes around the Opert village to kindly provide the village to host its visitors.

The Opert Wall is located right where the forest, plains, and desert are connected. Standing on the desert hills and viewing the picturesque and enchanting landscape of the plains and lush forests covered in dark clouds and fog right under your feet defines the love for nature.  

Apart from all its unique beauties, the Opert area is also adjacent to tourist attractions such as Lake Chort and many springs including Badab Surt Mineral Springs.