Menar Jonban - Isfahan

Menar Jonban, The Secret of Minarets

One of the most beautiful and ancient monuments in the city of Isfahan is Menar Jonban. Menar Jonban has shaken for many years, and now there are many tourists visiting this minaret.  It is better to know that Menar Jonban of Isfahan is also a tomb of a mystic named “Abdullah Karladani”.

Menar Jonban Details

The building is decorated with pale blue tiles in the shape of a quadrangle and many other forms of colorful turquoise. This small building, with nine meters wide and up to seventeen meters high, is famous for the shaking of its minarets. Of course, by shaking one of the minarets, the other minaret and the whole building are shaking. The craftsmen and tasteful artists of that time built this building with an extraordinary architecture that attracted the attention of many domestic and foreign archaeologists and engineers. We should note that scientists also have questioned the reason for minarets’ shaking for many years. In fact, the mysterious architecture of this building is still ambiguous for many.

Historical review

In fact, the porch has the style of Mongol era and its tile works belong to that era. But, the shape of the minarets shows that they probably have been added to the porch at the end of Safavid era.

This monument is one of the other impressive mansions that a large number of people like to visit it every day.