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Abbasi Caravanserai , Global bisotoun site , Kermanshah.

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Laleh Bistoon Hotel

Laleh Hotel is one of the greatest hotels in Kermanshah province and in Iran. It is a five-star hotel located on the slopes of Mount Bisotun along an old path which connects Kermanshah to Hamedan. What makes this hotel so astonishing is its location and the fact that it is a 400-year-old caravanserai.  Imagine staying at an ancient caravanserai which resembles legendary tales. Doesn’t it sound exciting? In addition, you will be so close to a UNESCO World Heritage site! The hotel is located exactly in front of Farhad-Tarash monument, and staying here would be a wonderful experience. Many of these historical caravanserais only serve as historic sites. So, few hotels and residences in Iran offer such a unique opportunity to guests.

Hotel Properties and location

Laleh Hotel has turned the dream of being able to spend a night in such an ancient place to reality. The hotel lies at the foothills of magnificent Mount Bisotun. It is comprised of a lovely courtyard and chambers with beautiful iwans and arches. The hotel was renovated for the last time in 2014 and has an area more than 6000 square meters. It is a four-porch monument with a beautiful traditional design. It is inspired by the original Safavid architecture. 

The hotel has a capacity of 100 guests. As well as 21 standard units, it has royal and Imperial suites. By combining a traditional atmosphere with modern facilities, Laleh hotel provides the guests with a unique opportunity. The guests will able to experience authentic accommodation in a very comfortable environment. The mountainous area of the hotel provides the opportunity to enjoy the fresh breeze of the mountain. You can relax here and stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

This hotel is a 24-minute drive (30 km) from Shahid Ashrafi Esfahani Airport and a 27-minute drive (34 km) from Kermanshah’s rail station.

Hotel Amenities

The hotel has a 24-hours service, a relaxing coffee shop and a traditional restaurant with Iranian and French cuisine. A summer restaurant in the courtyard, advanced cooling and heating systems, security equipment and other amenities are also available.

Facilities such as refrigerator, TV, central antenna, telephone, fire alarm system, mini bar, wireless internet, 24-hour housekeeping, and laundry service are available in all rooms. Besides, they all have an en-suite bathroom with a shower and all the necessary toiletries. Because of the traditional style of the hotel, the rooms do not feature windows.

In addition to the pleasure of staying in a historical beautiful area, Laleh Bistoun Hotel guests have access to some of the most famous attractions in Kermanshah, such as Sassan Palace, the statue of Hercules, the old bridge and Bisotun inscription.

Other amenities and services offered by Laleh Bistoon hotel include a barbershop (exclusively for men), a parking, wake-up calls, and dry cleaning.

Nearby Attractions

This hotel is within walking distance from Shab Haye Bistoon (Bistoon’s Nights) restaurant. It also takes a 36-minute drive (36.9 km) to reach Kermanshah and its restaurants, cafes, and attractions.

Distance from Main Attractions

Travel times may differ depending on the traffic.

  • Mount Bisotun: 12-minute drive (1.8 km)
  • Taq-e Bostan (Arch of the Garden): 28-minute drive (30 km)
  • Shafei Mosque: 35-minute drive (39 km)
  • Moaven Almolk Tekiyeh: 34-minute drive (38 km)
  • Kermanshah Flower’s Garden: 36-minute drive (42 km)
  • Statue of Hercules: 9-minute walk (750 m)
  • Khosrow Bridge: 21-minute drive (19 km)
  • Bisotun World Heritage Site: 8-minute walk (650 m)