Imam Mosque - Isfahan


 Imam Mosque, the oldest but most complete

Imam Mosque of Isfahan is one of the most important and oldest religious buildings in Iran. Today, this mosque contains various parts that each represent the architectural arts in the post-Islamic period of Iran. This mosque is a treasure of Iranian art and is one of the great achievements of the country. This mosque is a complete expression of the history, culture and art of Iran, which has come to fruition with architecture, application of materials and various techniques.

Imam Mosque is one of the most prominent architectural works of Iran, and since its various sections have been created in different historical periods, the present collection, such as the Grand Museum, represents the process of evolution of Iranian architecture in the Islamic era and even Earlier this is because archaeological excavations show that this mosque was probably the most important religious center of the city before the Arabs domination.

The Mosque has a four-story map and has been able to integrate the artistic and architectural innovations of Islamic era. This mosque is one of the best works that has earned a reputation in the current world. According to available historical documents, it has been revealed that over time, the Mosque of Isfahan has been damaged and restored due to fire, civil wars and various unrest.

It should be noted that this mosque has two beautiful minarets located on the south side of the south porch. Also inside the mosque, there are many decorations and furnishings such as pulpits, books and other items that belong to the mosque. The first mosque was built in the 9th century which was a nave. In the 10th century, the mosque was completely destroyed and a new mosque was built instead, but fundamental changes occurred in the 11th and 12th centuries in the mosque such as adding two domes to the north and south of the mosque.

This mosque with a number of spaces such as domes, porches, minarets and nurseries and 477 arches is a summary of the art of this this country.

When we reach the mosque from a narrow passage through the old bazaar, we do not know what valuable treasure at the end of the passage awaits us, and when we enter the courtyard of the mosque, we find where we are, yes! In a space that is not so wide, but unbelievably valuable. We are in the mosque of Isfahan; a collection of history, culture, art, architecture and Iranian love.

Professor Arthur Pope (archaeologist) writes about this mosque: “When I went to the mosque that day, and underneath this dome, I realized that my whole being was to conquered by the dome and mosque, under the dome, I could understand the indescribable and creative masterpiece of the Persians and believe in the magnificence of the mosque and its dome. From then on, I went to the mosque many times, and when I watched the dome of this mosque, I saw my love for Isfahan and Iran more and more. For this reason, I want to bury the flesh in this holy soil after I have seen it. “