Hammam-e Fin Kashan (Fin Bathhouse) - Kashan

The most popular mansion of the garden is the Hammam-e Fin (the Fin bathhouse). The Bathhouse is most famous for the historical events that have happened there. One of the most important one is the assassination of Mirza Taghi Khan-e Farahani. He was also known as Amir Kabir, the greatest nationalist chancellor of Iran during Naser Aldin Shah-e Qajar era (1848-1851).

There are two (large and small) bathhouses in the Fin garden. The smaller, more ancient bathhouse was constructed during the Safavid period simultaneous with the main garden’s building. This small bathhouse was for the use of servants and local people. Later, a larger royal bathhouse was built by Fath Ali Shah’s order for the usage of emirs and high rank officers.
The main bath area, a bathtub and a waterfall are at the entrance section. Particular involute corridors and walls are in different parts of the bathhouse. To prevent moisture penetration, the walls were made and coated with a mixture of sand, iron and mortar.
Heating of water for the Bathhouse was done by burning plenty of firewood in a place called “Tun”. To prevent water leakage a sheet of copper was placed underneath the “Tun”. An interesting initiative was used to warm the bathhouse floor. The heat was transmitted form the fire place “the Tun” through channels to the entire floor of the bathhouse.