Flower Garden - Isfahan

Isfahan flower garden

One of the most spectacular attractions in Isfahan province is the flower garden located near the Zayandeh-rood River. Isfahan Flower Garden consists of various parts including Persian Garden, Rock Garden, Herb Garden, Rose Garden, Water fountains, Pond, Waterfall, Open Amphitheater, Hedges Collection and … .  Applying the traditional architectural elements to garden buildings has also made this attraction look special.

 A total of 400 plant species have been planted in different parts of the garden. The garden’s ground is covered in grass and the specific design of the garden has made it possible for growing various plants such as seasonal flowers, one-year and two-year-old flowers and different ornamental shrubs. In the middle of the garden, the patterns of traditional Iranian carpets are designed in the form of bushes and bergamot, using different colorful and eye-catching flowers. The garden corridors, which are approximately 5000 square meters, are carpeted with granite paving in various designs.

Garden ponds and waterfalls:

For the purpose of cultivating aquatic plants, a pond with an area of about 3500 square meters is designed in the southeast side of the garden. The presence of birds such as ducks and mallards, aquatic animals such as fishes, crabs, turtles, and aquatic plants such as lilies that gently flourish at dawn, and the beautiful reflection of the trees in the water gives the visitors a touch of undeniable beauty. Situated on the east side of a rock garden, the garden’s waterfall flows into the pond from a height of four meters. A variety of river rocks were used to make the waterfall look quite natural.

Flower Persian carpet:

Inspired by the patterns of the Persian handmade carpet, an 1860 square meters plot of land in the middle of the garden has been designed. The large and small seasonal flowers in a variety of magical colors planted in the shape of beautiful Persian carpets patterns immerse visitors in the delicate scent of flowers while viewing the beautiful carpet landscape.


The outdoor amphitheater:

At the eastern side of the flower garden, at the end of the main axis, a beautiful space has been designed like an amphitheater by using tree trunks to hold various exhibitions and celebrations and lectures with a capacity of approximately 250 people.

The greenhouse:

Due to the climatic conditions of Isfahan and the decrease of flower growth in winter, the greenhouse complex (Gol-Khaneh) is built on an area of 700 square meters on the east side of the garden which provides visitors with a variety of different flower species during the winter.


The rock garden:

Another fascinating part of this garden is the rock garden. This beautiful part is 2500 meters wide and 3 meters high, and it has 250 types of rocky plants that mesmerize the visitors by the view of pristine nature.

The rose garden:

In some parts of the garden, there are also fields intended for the cultivation of various types of roses in Iran.

The herbal plants garden:

The herbal plants garden with an area of about 1170 square meters has 132 types of medicinal and herbal plants, different vegetables and fruit trees (available in different regions of Iran) which were selected and cultivated based on many ecological studies.

Coniferous trees garden:

This area has a variety of coniferous trees with more than 86 species.

Isfahan Flower Garden Labyrinth:

This garden also has a playground designed for children using a variety of hedges so that children can spend hours playing hide and seek.

Other sections of the garden include collection of chrysanthemums species, Iris and lilies garden, tulips garden and bulb plants collection.