Fath Abad Garden - Kerman

Fath-Abad Garden:

Kerman is one of the most historic cities in our country located in southeastern Iran. Kerman province has about 7,000 valuable historical attractions, of which 700 are listed in the National Heritage List. Kerman province is one of the most spectacular cities in Iran due to its historical attractions and Fath Abad Garden is one of the valuable and fascinating tourist attractions of this province.

Fath –Abad Garden, also known as the Biglar-Beigi Garden, dates back to the Qajar period and is located 25 km from the center of Kerman, the city of Ekhtiar abad. This garden, which was the designing pattern of the Shazdeh Mahan Garden, is one of the relics of Fazl Ali Khan Biglar-Beigi and dates back to about 1255 AH.

The design of this garden is similar to the Kerman Shazdeh Garden, and with its beautiful lighting, it has a spectacular view at night. It is also considered as one of the largest and most varied gardens of medicinal plants and herbs in Iran. There is no such plant diversity anywhere else in the country. This historical monument has been refurbished in recent years and today is recognized as one of the top tourist attractions of Kerman, so it was named Kerman’s most visited attraction in 2017. When visiting this amazing historical complex, be sure to experience it both day and night. The Fath –Abad Garden’s Mansion has gained popularity for its magical nights and its special lighting.

Fath –Abad Garden was glorious and prosperous in its time and the water of Fath Abad passed through the garden, giving it unparalleled freshness and beauty. A beautiful and spacious garden, with beautiful flowers and tall trees planted all over it. There is also a large Howz (pool) in front of the garden’s beautiful entrance. The fountains in the Howz double the freshness and beauty of the garden. At the far end of the Howz adorned with colorful lights and flowers is a white and beautiful two-storey mansion, and the reflection of its image in the large pond of the mansion, will remind you of the Taj Mahal.

Fath Abad Garden Mansion: Symbol of Architectural Glory!

The building has a European-Iranian style and is surrounded by farmland and various gardens. The main Fath Abad mansion or kooshk is located at the northern end of the garden and has two floors. The building is made of raw clay bricks and mortar and is covered with a layer of plaster. The vaults on either side of the mansion, the three-door rooms, five-door rooms, the entrances, the arches, are spectacularly decorated with beautiful plasterworks. The rooms of this historic mansion are also decorated in the style of traditional Qajar rooms and are beautifully illuminated, the most famous of which is the Shah- Neshin.

On the south side of the main mansion, there is a rectangular courtyard with rooms on either side. The entrance of some of them is from inside the mansion and others from the courtyard.

Museum of Rulers:

One of the parts of the Fath-Abad Garden Complex is the Museum of Rulers, which features biographies and pictures of the former rulers of Kerman.

Painting Room:

This room used to be the residence of the ruler of Kerman, with exquisite paintings and delicate murals all around it. Because they used gold when drawing and decorating these paintings, some people destroyed these paintings and stole the gold during time.

The Four-Season Mansion: VIP room:

Move thirty meters east from the main mansion; you will see a one-story mansion with, a beautiful central dome and columned porches that give the garden a unique look. The brickwork and plasterwork of this structure is so beautiful and amazing that mesmerizes the visitors and makes them admire Iranian art. Today, this room has become a VIP lounge and is rented out for various celebrations and ceremonies.