Durna Ecolodge - Meshgin Shahr

Durna Ecolodge- Meshgin Shahr:

If you want to spend a few days in the heart of pristine nature with a pleasant climate, close to the nomads, the Durna nomadic eco-camp is the best option in the Meshgin shahr summer area in Ardabil Province.

Durna Ecolodge or Ecocamp of Meshgin shahr has started operation on a 5-hectare land 18 km from the Qinarjeh tourist road and 20 km south of Meshgin shahr. The Sabalan Mountains, the beautiful lush plains and the spectacular mountainous sights have surrounded the Durna eco-camp.

Durna nomadic eco-camp includes 2 nomadic pavilions, 4 mountain huts and 2 Hobit huts, which were created with local and stone materials, and were inspired by the history and culture of Azeri Turks and Shahsun nomads. On hot days of the year, such as August and September, a number of French camping tents (for 4 people) are temporarily installed to increase passenger service capacity. This residence is located on the slopes of Sabalan, 800 meters from Gorgor waterfall and Malek Sui spa. A beautiful area in Malek Sui summer resorts surrounded by mountains and an ocean of clouds!

Durna Ecological Resort does not have a dedicated cooling system and refrigerator inside the camps due to the cold and mountainous climate of the region, and the nomadic pavilions also do not have a private bathroom or toilet. Guests can use the public refrigerator built in the Eco Camp public kitchen and public Western toilets are located in the camp area as well. Elderly people and families with young children should keep that in mind that the Hobit Ecocamp nuts have a number of steps at the entrance. Admission to the eco-camp is from the Durna Hotel’s office inside Meshgin shahr. The Durna Complex does not receive any guests after 12 AM. Room delivery time is usually 14:00 P.M and room discharge time is 12 P.M. All staffs are fluent in English.

The Eco Camp restaurant located in the area with a capacity of 50 people, serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. Meals mostly include local and traditional dishes (Kebab and Dolma are also highly recommended). This restaurant also has a beautiful traditional coffee house where you can enjoy the best local herbal teas along with live music.

The resort also offers fun facilities such as horseback riding, paragliding, cycling, mountaineering and hiking, Motocross and snow skiing in winter for tourists.

Tourists and travelers can use Qinarjeh Spa by walking 2 km. Qinarjeh is a village in Shaban Rural District, in the Central District of Meshgin Shahr County in Ardabil Province.

Durna Ecolodge is also close to the Meshgin Shahr Suspended Bridge, Akharbakhar Hydrotherapy Complex and Qaynar Savalan Hydrotherapy Complex (health spa). Meshginshahr Suspensed Bridge is one of the most beautiful and exciting tourist attractions in the city. Among other tourist attractions of this region, we can mention Qinarjeh Spa, which is the hottest hot water in the world, as well as areas such as Jahanam-Dareh (Hell Valley), Yathri Ancient City, Bineh Lar Caves and Sabalan Hot Springs.