Dialogue of Cultures


Dialogue of Cultures – Inside Persian Homes

As “Tourism” is based on a travel for pleasure or business; the tourism industry would be the most helpful industry that is going to make people around the world more closer. People will find different atmosphere, attractions, sightseeing, cultures, food and so on in other countries while enjoying their travel or working on their business. The experience they will only gain by traveling to another place, will help them to feel the world differently. We are the world, so we need to explore other parts of our souls maybe in some other part of the world, where we are not live the usual life.

 You will find experimental tourism even more helpful as a matching point of cultures as a matter of happy accident. What we mean from a happy accident is an event that would take place unexpectedly during an experimental travel.

The unexpected event might be an invitation to a ceremony which is going to be held by locals. Ceremony cases like a wedding, crops celebration, and special cases that might change a few days before or after the mentioned date, usually can’t be managed before the journey. But, to prepare an experimental journey and to getting know the culture of a place, besides its attractions and sightseeing, we have tried to manage a night gathering in local people’s house. Although it would be hard to find a real night gathering of a family with their own traditions, but we have tried to do so in the big cities or the capital of provinces like Shiraz, Isfahan, Tehran, Yazd, Ahvaz, and so on.

In this case, you would be familiar with different types of hospitality and the features of Iranian night gatherings and like foods, desserts, storytellings, seasonal fruits or dry fruits, distillates, customs, cultures, and traditional kinds of music.

Our dinner would be a homemade traditional food of that specific city and you can also join the preparation process of your dinner.

We are the first and only Iranian tour operator that applies “Dialogue of Cultures Programs” with a large quantity and a great quality and all free of charge.

We need to inform you that we have carefully selected the families to make sure you will have a perfect night with knowledgeable experts. Your English leader and your English local guide would be there for you too. But, as we have mentioned above these night gatherings might change in some cities. As a matter of facing unexpected cancellation of a night gathering, we will have dinner in one of the best restaurants in that city as we have mentioned in a list as the plan B programs.