Saat Tower- Tabriz

The Clock Square of Tabriz:

Municipality Square (or the Clock Square) is located in front of Tabriz Municipality Palace and known also as “The Clock Building”. People call this square “Saa-at Ghabaghi”, which means in front of the clock.

The square is at the intersection of Imam Khomeini and Artesh Streets and is one of the main squares of Tabriz city.

Tabriz Municipality Palace is one of the most beautiful, fortified and spectacular monuments in the city of Tabriz. It was built at 1935 by the order of Reza Shah Pahlavi at the deserted cemetery called Kouye Nubar under the supervision of german engineers and under the leadership of the Mayor of Haj Arfaa al-Mulk Jalili. The building has an area of about 9600 square meters and a 6500 square meter infrastructure built on three floors. The exterior of the building is artfully carved out of stone, and looks like a flying eagle if you look from above. The building’s design is similar to the design of German buildings before World War II.

The palace was built as the first department of the Iranian municipality in Tabriz and the country’s first municipal museum was launched at this location.

The clock tower in Tabriz has only one foreign counterpart in the whole world. The engine of this watch is tuned every 24 hours. Only 2 clocks around the world use this type of engine; the famous Big Ben in London and the Clock Tower in Tabriz.

Nowadays, Clock Square is among the attractions of the city due to its adjacent to the famous shopping centers of the city such as Tarbiat Street and Tabriz Bazaar and other tourist attractions of Tabriz such as Arg of Alishah, Shahrdari Museum and …. Of course, this is not all the attraction of Clock Square, as the presence of beautiful night lightings and holding various celebrations and ceremonies make it a popular choice for sightseeing in Tabriz.

Tabriz Municipality (Shahrdari) Museum Palace, located in the southern part of the building, contains a large and beautiful landscape with beautiful trees and colorful flowers. The first taxi and the first fire truck in Tabriz can also be seen in this area.

In front of the Shahrdari palace of Tabriz, is the first manual water pump of Tabriz fire station and old German bell of the clock tower and also during the Norooz (Persian new year), the Haft-Sin table is placed in the square.

Tabriz Municipality (Shahrdari) Museum has different halls including: the hall of antique cameras, the hall of calligraphy, the hall of modern arts and etc.