Beryani, A Taste to Remember

Isfahan, due to its geographical location and desert climate, has been facing a wide range of primary food from past times to today. Perhaps, if you look at the list of traditional foods in Isfahan, consider the commonalities of most of these foods; they look like halibut and are served with bread. Meat is also one of the main ingredients of Isfahan food.

Another points about Isfahan cuisine is that most of these foods are served in the same way, which is the meat that makes bread. One of these foods is Beryani Isfahan. Therefore, when you go to a restaurant in Isfahan, they will bring you a bowl alongside the main meal.

Beryani is one of the most famous and popular foods in the city of Isfahan, which has become sweeping throughout the country due to its taste. The best kind of Beryani is made with sheep meat, which has a great taste.

Adding Isfahani spices and how to cook meat with a bowl and a special stove is one of the most important tips for making varieties of this food and this is the Isfahani cooking secrets for delicious Beryani.

A slice of fresh orange or lemon, with basil-colored leaves, a glass of local Dough and perhaps a bowl of onion has made Beryani one of the most dreamed meals, especially for travelers, in the middle of the world (Isfahan).

This traditional course of eating with Sangak (Persian Bread) has a lot of fans. Recently, some chefs also use almonds and pistachios or walnuts to decorate their foods.

Abgusht (hearty mutton Persian soup thickened with chickpeas) is also one of the features that are commonly found alongside Beryani and helps to feel its true taste.

When it comes to lunch, if you walk to one of the streets of the Zayandeh Rood River, it is not surprising to see a long line of people in front of one of the restaurants in Isfahan; many are planning to have Beryani as their lunch.

Tourists like Tavernie and Jean Shardan are famous travelers who have mentioned this food in their travel logs, and Chef Fazel, the famous chef of Safavid era explained this food in his autobiography. Beryani in some countries like Iraq, Pakistan, and Bangladesh is cooked a bit different.

The fact that restaurants that sell Beryani is unique and is not usually cooked with other foods, show the food’s important in Isfahan.

If you travel to Isfahan, stop eating usual meals and experience some fresh flavors.