Art House - Yazd

Yazd Art House:

Yazd is the first adobe city in the center of Iran with many tourist attractions that fascinate every visitor. An amazing ancient city in the midst of desert and history!  Every year, many Iranian and foreign tourists travel to Yazd to see the clay monuments, the ancient buildings and the wonderful qanats (aqueducts) and to enjoy the wonders and beauty of the desert. The historical city of Yazd displays the glory and antiquity of Iranian history. In recent years the city of Yazd has been registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Yazd Art House is located in the historical neighborhood of Fahadan, near the Ziaieh School (or the Alexander’s Prison) and the Lariha House, and four generations of the Malekzadeh family lived there. Along visiting this beautiful monument, you can experience a variety of fun activities, including drinking traditional brews and all kinds of herbal tea at the Art Café, buying handicrafts from the Art House Crafts Store, strolling through the gallery and enjoying artistic illustrations of Yazd artists. Watching the historical view of Yazd city from the roof this house (which is known as the Yazd’s Roof) is another attraction of this old amazing house.

This historical house was registered on January 17, 2001, as one of the National Monuments of Iran under the name of Mehdi Malekzadeh House. This house dates back to the Qajar period. Its renovation and repair process has begun since 2013 and it is still going on. A small part of Mehdi Malekzadeh House has been in use as a tourist complex of Yazd Art House since about 2 years ago.

Located next to the historic Hamamm (bath) of Abu al-Maali, it has been transformed into a cultural and tourism complex managed by Mr Mirzaei. After the renovation of the house, the first floor is dedicated to the Crafts Gallery and the rooftop was turned into a beautiful traditional café. A beautiful, cozy, quiet and old-fashioned café. The thatched walls, give the café a different and traditional look. Short tables and brown-Polish chairs, along with traditional music, will give you incredible relaxation and an unforgettable experience. In addition to visiting a historical house, you can sit on the traditional wooden beds in rooftop of this beautiful house while gazing at the magnificent and historic view of the desert city of Yazd while drinking the brews of the Yazd Art Café.

The Yazd art café menu also offers delectable traditional dishes such as Dal- adas (a local food made from red lentils), vegetable rolls, Kookoo sabzi )an egg-based and often vegetarian Iranian dish), Ash-e Shouli, Kashk-o bademjan and more. You can enjoy your food in a completely artistic and pleasant environment.

The thatched walls, traditional beds and wooden chairs, old and antique doors, traditional handicrafts that adorn the walls of the cafe create a different and nostalgic atmosphere that brings extraordinary peace of mind.

The Yazd Art House is also a few minutes away from some other historical sites, such as the Amir Chakhmaq Collection, the Shazdeh Fazel Monument, the Yazd Jame Mosque, and the ancient Warham Fire Temple. This proximity to other monuments in the city has made it a popular host for many Iranian and foreign tourists daily, creating memorable and lively moments for them.

The unique local brews and herbal teas and the well-behaved staff alongside the beautiful and traditional atmosphere have made Yazd Art Cafe one of the most popular traditional cafes in the city. After visiting this café, the tourists can also visit other historical sites such as Amir Chakhmagh Square and enjoy the beauty of this amazing ancient square.