A Desert Hosts Perseids Meteor Rain

August 10, 2020
Available: 8 seats
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4 Days
Min Age : 10
Max People : 8
Meteor shower

In the middle of summer one of the most well-known fireworks of the sky reaches its peak. The meteor shower is one of the most appealing rains of the year, and now is the time to reach its peak.

For those who love the wonderful world of the sky night, the name of a meteor shower is a familiar name. This phenomenon is one of the most famous and, at the same time, the most abundant annual rainfall that reaches a peak in the second decade of August. In conditions away from light pollution and under the dark sky and at peak times, observers usually see between 60 and 100 meteors per hour; but this year we may have been a bit luckier than ever before. Some predictions suggest that we may see a meteorite in this year’s rainfall.

And Now…

You have this chance to watch it closely, from one of the clearest points.

Thousands of professional and amateur astronomers are looking for places where they can watch the sky at night and day; places with low pollution, clear sky, and high altitude!

The Meteor shower always brings one of the most beautiful moments of creation, but watching the last moments of the presence of this magnificent creation jewel alongside Iranian nomads in Sangesar has its own unique pleasure.

The pure and naive sense of nomads lifestyle would captivate you. You maybe absorb in beauties of all-around so that you totally forget to record or wish on stars falling moments. No worries, we will record all joyful moments for you.

Kharturan Village

Kharturan Protected Area is a very suitable region for a short and economic trip, especially in the cold seasons, where a special type of desert, sand, vegetation, rare animals, unusual landscapes of desert villages can be found on this trip. After arriving in Kharturan village. You have two choices:

As the first and most convenient option, you can climb to the village of Qal’eh. By staying in one of the indigenous settlements of this village, you will experience the pleasure of living in rural homes, the taste of local and organic dishes with animal oil and local bread. Take a visit to the several hundred-year-old baths or water-filled aqueducts in the area, discover beautiful scenery for photography, and be amazed at the hospitality of the area.

And the second option:

You can take the road to your home 70 kilometers further and reach the village of Ahmadabad after about 1 hour. One kilometer left to Ahmedabad, a road to the left, separated from the village of Reza Abad (it was about thirty kilometers to Reza Abad, but it also went by car). If you are looking to see landscapes that are free of vegetation and sand, go to Reza Abad. Mud sand has come to the edge of the village and created a very beautiful view.

Stay tuned in the same village of Ahmadabad if you are looking for a quieter place with easier access. As you go out of the village, you enter into sandy soils, but if you take the salt barrel away and get around 5 km away from the village, it would be a pretty, secluded place. The sand dunes are full of arches and grass shrubs that stop the desert from spreading.

Tour Details

Tour Overview

  • Visiting Khar Turan Reza Abad Village
  • Walking on Sand Dunes
  • Eating traditional food while gathering around a low table with heat under named as Korsi
  • Enjoying the sunset 
More Details
  • 8 hour far from Tehran
  • night stay in a rural lodge
  • no bathroom available

Travel Insurance

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Piranoos distinct insurance service is actually a strong contract between Piranoos and the Iranian best insurance company to get the most satisfying services for travelers with Piranoos.

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Departure & Return Location

Price Includes

  • All Accommodations
  • All Meals During Journey
  • English Leader and English Local Tour Guide
  • Travel Insurance
  • All Transportation During Journey like Off-Road Vehicle and VIP Bus
  • Video Clips and Photos During your Journey

Price Excludes

  • Any Private Expenses
  • Your International Flight Ticket From and To Your Home

We offer you to bring

  • Sleeping BagPlease let us know if you don't have one
  • Trekking Shoes
  • Extra Clothing
  • Personal belongings
  • Sunscreen
What to Expect

This is a journey you would never forget. Your special tour guide will always be with you and you can experience being in an Iranian tour with Iranian stargazers, photographs, youths, and people who love to travel. 



Day 1Arrival

You need to arrive in Tehran before 16:00 so we can greet you at IKA airport at about 18:00 and transfer you to a traditional restaurant named Kolbe Iran Zamin. We are going to join the other group member. Our VIP bus is going to leave at 22:00.

Day 2Givar - Reza Abad Desert

We arrive at our residence in the morning and we will have breakfast first. Afterward, We start exploring Givar and Reza Abad village. We enjoy moving on dunes and have a traditional lunch. You can learn Persian, get familiar with local people (also local food and dance) and have fun while you are enjoying the most amazing phenomena, Perseids Meteor Rain, which will happen just once in a year on this special date. Later, we stay in residence and have dinner while gathering around Korsi in the cold night. Now, it’s time to stare at the sky and make wishes.
You may deeply be captivated that you forget the environment around you. Don’t worry, we seize the moments as much as we can and transfer the photos at the end of our tour as a memorial of our journey.
If you could stop gazing, you may fall asleep lately.

Day 3Return to Reality

We are going to eat breakfast in the late morning to head to Tehran afterward. Then, we enjoy the way path to Tehran. Later on the day, we have lunch and dinner on the way. It would be an open menu for you, so you can order whatever you want on the menu.
We will arrive in Tehran at about 12:00 am. We transfer you to Espinas Palace hotel for night’s sleep.

Day 4Tehran Tour

We start our day with Golestan Palace and then The National Museum of Iran. Afterward, we have our lunch and visit Tehran Grand Bazaar. We rest in a great coffee shop and this would be the end of our journey.
We hope you enjoy one the best journey of your life. For the last but not least, we transfer you to IKA base on your departure time to fly back with comfort.

In the case of an unexpected closure of a place or have more time we can visit:
Treasury of National Jewels
Glassware and Ceramic Museum of Iran

Breakfast at: Espinas Palace hotel
Lunch at: a famous traditional restaurant named as Vakil-Ol-Tojjar

Golestan Palace - Tehran

Golestan Palace – Tehran