Darband Sar:

Darbandsar neighborhood is one of the neighborhoods of the big city “Shemshak Darbandsar” in Rudbar Qasran section of Shemiranat city of Tehran province. The villages, farms, and places of Sefidestan, Shemshak Bala, Shemshak Pa’in, Darbandsar, Doroud, and Jiroud of Rudbar Qasran district of Shemiranat city are merged and from now on it is known as Shemshak city in Darbandsar.

In the past, Darbandi men were engaged in the cultivation of wheat, barley, millet, etc., as well as working in the Qolqol Cheshmeh coal mines, which were active along with Garmabdar, Ab-e-Nik, Lalan, and Disin mines. But today, in Darbandsar, there are no more gardens, because agricultural lands and orchards have been turned into villas, and a number of people in this village use the remaining lands to plant all kinds of ornamental flowers. One of the local products in Shemshak and Darbandsar is the handmade colorful socks called Rangishteh, which was woven with sheep’s wool by the local women of the villages.

This village has several tourist attractions. Therefore, if you are a fan of attractions around Tehran and you want to spend hours with your family and friends away from the crowds and air pollution, Darbandsar village of Tehran is one of the best options. This area has many attractions such as Sangi Mountain and Tal Tangeh waterfall, Qolqol Cheshmeh, Cloon Bastak Mountain, Daryuk Lake, Mahmoudchal Mountain (Mandchal), the holy shrine of Mahmoud Imamzadeh and also the international ski resort of Darbandsar which attracts many tourists every year, especially in winter.

Darband Sar International Ski Resort: The most exciting ski resort in Iran!

The city of Tehran has several ski resorts. One of the most important of which is the Darband Sar ski resort in the Shemshak region. Darbandsar entertainment complex is a private complex that has been founded in 1982 with a total area of about 300 hectares. Darbandsar ski resort is one of the newest and most modern ski resorts in Tehran province, which is located 60 km northeast of Tehran. This ski slope was established in 1982 with the help of a group of skiing fans. It is one of the most unique ski resorts in Tehran with its excellent location and first-class facilities. Darbandsar ski resort is also one of the most equipped ski resorts around Tehran, which attracts many Iranian and foreign athletes and tourists every year. It is worth mentioning that Darbandsar ski resort is the only track equipped with a snowmaker machine. This ski resort has reached this level of progress with the support of private investors.

The highest part of Darbandsar ski resort is 3570 meters above sea level. Therefore, considering the height of this ski track, the best time to use its facilities is from the beginning of January to the end of April. At this time, you will see a large number of fans of this exciting sport. In recent years, the resort has always hosted international ski league competitions. This resort has provided a collection of the best facilities and services for the well-being of its visitors. The complex also includes telecabin, tele-ski and sledges. Other facilities of this spectacular ski resort are the restaurants and coffee shops and the emergency unit.

Ski school of Darbandsar:

For those willing to learn this sport, Darbandsar ski resort offers training classes, and those who want to learn the sport can attend Darbandsar International Ski School and learn this fun exciting sport. These classes offer a variety of services, such as a special Alpine training class, snowboarding courses by experienced and professional coaches with fluency in English, French, and German.

The Darband Sar Waterfall:

Darbandsar waterfall is located in Tehran province. This waterfall, along with its beautiful valley, is located 3 km after Shemshak towards Dizin and on the right side of the road, next to a 180-degree turn of the road. On the left side of the road, this valley starts from Darbandsar village. The beauties of this valley in the middle of the road will amaze you. The vegetation of this picturesque valley includes meadows, small shrubs, and angelica with cool weather in summer and is the best option for you if you are love walking!

Darbandsar is a mountainous region in the slopes of southern Alborz, which has relatively cold winters. Therefore, it can be said that the best time to visit Darbandsar waterfall and Tal valley is the first 6 months of the year. But Darbandsar waterfall is also very spectacular in autumn and has good weather until the end of November and before the first snowfall in the slopes of Alborz.

The Tal Tangeh Valley:

In the hottest days of summer in Tehran, there is a place where you can see a few meters of snow and experience the whole winter in the middle of summer. The Tal Tangeh area is a route between two mountains. In the cold season due to heavy snowfall and avalanches, a considerable amount of snowfall from higher heights into this valley cause snow storage with a diameter of more than 5 meters in this area. Then it freezes and due to the low temperature of the region, it remains a natural glacier even in the warm seasons. But what multiplies the beauty of this area is the beautiful waterfall and river at the end of this route.

The Qolqol Spring:

Cheshmeh Qolqoul or Qolqol Spring is one of the beautiful natural attractions of Darbandsar area, its water is used for agriculture, and is a place for tourists and travelers to go and rest during holidays.


Travelers can experience a dream stay in the heart of pristine and beautiful nature in the best hotels near this area. The Shemshak Tourist Hotel, the Dizin Tourist Hotel, the Dizin Ghajareh Hotel, and the Meygun Hotel are among the best choices. Less expensive accommodation is possible in the villas of the area. Also, if you come to Darbandsar in the summer, you can experience camping, but remember that the nights in this area are always cold, so bring extra warm clothes with you.



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